ownCloud 9 Release Includes New Features

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Hailed as the company’s biggest update ever, ownCloud’s 9.0 release comes with a ton of new features and a lot of performance improvements/bug fixes.

ownCloud 9.0 Foundation Announced

The Community Edition is available right now, with the Enterprise Edition scheduled for an April release.

Project founder, Frank Karlitschek, noted ownCloud 9.0’s three major areas of improvement in a blog post:

  • Collaboration
  • Federation
  • Scalability

ownCloud 9’s Enhancements

1. Collaboration

Groups (such as families or business teams) now have access to improved collaboration tools,  adding to features such as global activity streams and version rollback, the ability to post comments and add tags is now also available. Users with file access may post comments on a file, with others being notified when this is done.

Tags may be assigned to a file or folder and are viewable by all who have access to that file or folder, tags can be used to filter files as well. 

Applications for ownCloud 9.0 will be available in the coming weeks. The Calendar and Contacts applications have been overhauled, alongside the Mail and Chat apps, which were also enhanced for a better user experience.

2. Federation

Users can share files and collaborate across-servers via public share links (that can be password protected). Those sharing with other ownCloud users can use their Federated Cloud ID and connect to the ownCloud servers.

Cross-server auto name completion between trusted servers has been added, with admins able to manually control functions.  The ownCloud Federation API, released as a draft last summer, has been updated and finalized based on feedback.

3. Scalability

The ownCloud 9 release features a new storage API that allows for deeper integration with storage solutions and an updated sharing code, designed to handle more shares with more users.

Research institutions such as CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)  and AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network) collaborated with ownCloud to allow multi-petabyte scaling.

Webinar Time

What do you think of the improvements and features introduced with ownCloud 9.0? For more details, there’s a webinar scheduled on April 19th. Don’t forget to post your comments below!

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