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During Oracle OpenWorld 2015, company President Thomas Kurian announced a big update to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which includes new Elastic Cloud Storage, much like those that AWS and IBM offer.

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The new updates are designed to give AWS some stiff competition, and making Oracle a household name in enterprise cloud computing once again.

What’s New With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

So what did the company bring its new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Six services to be exact, including:

  • Oracle Elastic Compute Cloud: Oracle users will be able to pick between Elastic Compute or Dedicated Compute. The first one allows them to use elastic compute capabilities and tackle any workload in the cloud in a shared compute zone. The other offer also provides some elasticity to customers, with the difference being CPU pinning and complete network isolation capabilities.
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service – (File Storage). With this Oracle offers file-based NFS v4 network protocol access to Archive Storage and Object Storage in Oracle Storage Cloud Service. The software appliance will work as a storage entry point from the user’s data center into the cloud.
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service – (Archive Storage). According to Oracle, their new Archive Storage is best used for rarely accessed large-scale data and it offers predictable SLAs for data retrieval at the lowest price on the market.
  • Oracle Network Cloud. This service offers high performance and highly secure connectivity from the user to the cloud thanks to Oracle Cloud Connect, VPN and network bonding.
  • Oracle Container Cloud. Allows consumers to run apps within Docker containers and then automate the use of Kubernetes, Mesos or other similar technology.
  • Pre-Certified Technology and Application Stacks. Together with a number of its partners, Oracle has certified several technology stacks on the Oracle Cloud. This includes Oracle Technology and applications such as Oracle’s JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite.

When Will the New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services be Available?

The burning question is, of course, when will the users be able to see these new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services? According to Kurian, some are already here.

Oracle Data Centers

During the Q&A part after the keynote Kurian explained that most of the new services, including file storage, file backup, archive, gateway and bulk data transfer area available now.

Big data service, he said, will be ready in about two weeks and cloud data transfer sometime during the next month.

He also mentioned how payments will be done:

“You can pay for it either with a credit card or an invoice if it’s a corporate customer. You can pay it by the hour or by the month and pay by processor or per gigabyte of storage.”

What do you think about the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services the company has announced? Share your thoughts  comments below.

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