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A new version of the Dropbox iOS app is now available in the App Store.

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Dropbox on iOS

It includes five new features, designed to make working with files on an iPhone or iPad easier and faster. 

This follows the release in August of the Dropbox Paper app

Other productivity tools are also available as of June in the basic application.

Dropbox users are ready for some good news, after learning about the online posting of hacked data from 2012.

New Dropbox iOS App Features

First, users can now sign PDFs directly from Dropbox. A printed name may be typed in a text box created within the PDF. 

A pop-up box then allows the user to write their signature and place it on the appropriate line of the document.

Second, Dropbox files are now shareable in iMessenger.

This integration is for iOS 10, and gives the ability to choose files from within iMessenger, and share them inline in a conversation.

Third, users can now create and view files without unlocking the device.  Again for iOS 10, a new widget is available for the lock screen.

The widget allows users to:

Create files

View files

Upload files

Scan documents and receipts

Directly into Dropbox. 

Fourth, the new app version helps a user stay up-to-date when viewing files on a mobile device. 

The app will notify the person as soon as a new file version of a displayed item is saved.

A simple tap reloads the file, so changes are viewable instantly.

Fifth and finally, the iOS 10 picture-in-picture support means a user can share screen time on an iPad, with other apps on the device. 

For example, a person can watch a video from Dropbox while working in another app.

Split-screen support will be coming soon also.

A user can then cooperate with Dropbox and other apps, without having to toggle back and forth between them.

What are your thoughts on the updates? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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