MIT Chooses Crashplan to Replaces IBM as Main Backup Provider

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It’s official. MIT chooses CrashPlan as their cloud-based backup solution. The new service replaces IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manger (TSM) for desktops and laptops. TSM Enterprise is still going to be used for on-campus servers.

MIT chooses CrashPlan

MIT Chooses CrashPlan Over TSM

Due to customer complaints to MIT’s Information Systems and Technology, TSM was put under the review hammer, and declared difficult to use on desktops. In order to solve the issue, MIT tested four different backup services, with CrashPlan emerging as the heavy favorite based on its easy to use interface.

Code42, the makers of CrashPlan, has offered MIT  a competitive pricing scheme. These cost savings are allowing the school to offer the cloud backup service to their members for no additional charge. Students and staff can create accounts and backup information from up to four devices, these devices can be for personal use; equipment does not have to be MIT-owned.

Why CrashPlan?

CrashPlan offers total data encryption, meaning information is secured in transit and while being stored on the server. Storage takes place off-site in one of Code42’s centers, but MIT’s Information System and Technology will retain all encryption keys, even for personal files that may be saved in individual accounts.

The contract between MIT and Code42, including the onsite housing of encryption keys, makes CrashPlan an acceptable option for storing sensitive data. The service also complies with all Massachusetts privacy laws.

Price Plan
$ 5 99monthly
$ 59 99yearly
$ 12 50monthly
$ 149 99yearly
$ 10 00monthly
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Includes 1 computer. 448-bit personal encryption key.

Same as Individual plan. Best plan for 2-10 computers.

Includes: Real time dashboard/reporting and user level access. File sharing and syncing available through Shareplan.

Information Services and Technology has already begun making the change from TSM Basic and Standard to CrashPlan. Operation Infrastructure and Customer Support are already using the new service. By the end of August, select departments and centers will be migrated over. Remaining users are scheduled to be switched to the new backup plan sometime between September 2014 and June 2015, when Tivoli Storage Manager will no longer be available for desktop use.

Tell us what you think about MIT’s change to their main backup provider.

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