Microsoft Will Open Cloud Data Centers in Toronto and Quebec by 2016

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Microsoft is looking to extend its presence in Canada by opening not one, but two cloud data centers in the country. New data centers, will be opened in Toronto and Quebec City. This was revealed by Microsoft worldwide COO, Kevin Turner, this Tuesday in Toronto.


At the moment, MS brings Office 365, customer management software CRM Online and email services to over 80,000 businesses in Canada. Turner mentioned that the two data centers should begin operating early next year. This way, Microsoft will expand its cloud service in Canada.

According to Microsoft, bringing online cloud services from data centers in Canada will create new opportunities for businesses and government in this country.

Microsoft Tech Officer Says Cloud is More Flexible Than On-Premises Storage

John Weigelt, a technology officer at Microsoft Canada, said the company is bringing ‘local data residency’ that customers in industries such as law, finance and health care demand.

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Weigelt also said cloud services can free up smaller businesses from spending their money on IT infrastructure. He explained that, among customers, cloud is becoming welcomed over on-premises data storage.

The reason behind this, he explained, are flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

Data Will Stay Under Canadian Jurisdiction

Microsoft has not revealed the exact locations of the two data centers, nor how much the investment would cost or how many jobs this will bring. All the company said was that this is a part of an ongoing multi-billion dollar global commitment to cloud infrastructure. MS also said that cloud data will remain in Canada and under local jurisdiction.


Mayor of Toronto, John Tory said the announcement brings a great boost to the city’s digital infrastructure. He also said there are over 14,000 jobs in Toronto related in one form or another to cloud computing at the moment.

Tory also said:

“We have the good fortune in Toronto to have located in one place the center for innovation and the center for financial services in one city. That has led us as well to have a huge deep pool of talent here in Toronto that is causing our economy to grow rapidly.”

What do you think about Microsoft opening cloud data centers in Toronto and Quebec? Does this make Canada their yard now? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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