Microsoft Acquired InMage Systems in Buyout

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Microsoft yesterday announced the purchase of InMage. The newly acquired company specializes in data recovery after a system failure, and transferring information between local and cloud storage.

Microsoft acquired InMage

Microsoft Acquired InMage Boosts Azure’s Reliability

Business owners often worry about quick restoration in the event of a system failure. However, the process can be complicated and expensive. Now that Microsoft has acquired InMage, Azure will offer their clients recovery resources on an as-needed basis, lowering the cost of data protection and making it easier for companies to complete recovery procedures.

The addition of InMage to Azure’s cloud computing system will help to make the enterprise service more reliable, and give Microsoft’s customers additional assurances that their important data is protected.

IDC vice president, Laura DuBois weighed in on the purchase saying:

“This is a great move to meet important customer needs with the cloud as a target for disaster recovery. InMage has distinguished itself in a poorly understood and underserved market.”

In addition to Windows, Azure Recovery System, as the new service is known, is compatible with both Linux and virtual machines. Microsoft says that with InMage, VMware users will find moving data to the cloud permanently an easy process.

At the moment, some InMage products are still available outside of Azure, which has only incorporated the Scout Recovery Service at this time. There has been no announcement as to when the other resources will be integrated or how long standalone features will be accessible.

According to a statement released by InMage, they’re pretty happy with the buyout:

“We have always been focused on providing innovative on-premises and cloud based business continuity solutions to our customers and partners. Now as a part of the Microsoft family, we have the amazing opportunity to accelerate our innovation and provide even greater value with cloud-connected solutions based on Microsoft Azure.”

The buyout seems to be a step in the right direction for Microsoft and Azure. Tell us what you think.

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