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Two days ago Kim released a tweet telling us that we could receive 50GB free storage when his new service MEGA would launch on January 20th. This is certainly on of the most generous free cloud storage offerings, today. For example, with Dropbox (Editor Rating: , 2 GB for 0 $/year) you only get 2GB for free, or SugarSync (Editor Rating: , 100 GB for 74.99 $/year) will give you 5GB. 

We have heard a lot about Kim in the last couple of month after the takedown of Megaupload. As you can see he’s already preparing for the big launch event and we’re certainly most excited to test this service very soon. Also, cloud storage in not going to be the only service he’ll offer – with MegaBox we’ll soon see a music streaming client that will run on the MEGA network. 

Get 50GB of free cloud storage with MEGA

Apparently, when you sign up for Mega you’ll get 50GB for free. If you’ve been a previous Megaupload premium member you can keep your hopes up: probably you’re going to be a MEGA premium member, too. 

Pro Tier starting from €9,99


As TechCrunch reports Pro tiers start at the rate of €9,99 per month for 500GB of storage. Here is a pricing chart: 

Tier Price Storage  Bandwidth
Pro I  € 9,99 500 GB 1 TB
Pro II  € 19,99 2 TB 4 TB
Pro III  € 29,99 5 TB  8 TB

MEGA is hosted in New Zealand 

The new cloud storage service MEGA is going to be hosted on the domain (apparently not available via Chrome, yet, or you’ll most likely get ‘Access Denied’ due to early access) and if you’re one of the API Partners or Investors you can already get  a glimpse of how this service is going to look:

MEGA cloud storage login screen

The core of the service is going to be a clever algorithm that encrypts all files on the client side so that you can store any kinds of files in the cloud. Nobody will ever be able to claim the rights to your files, that also counts for copyright owners. However, you are still going to be responsable for your files. This time Schmitz is not going to be the one to blame. 

Apart from MEGA Schmitz seems to be planning a huge network of services

MEGA seems to be just the platform for many types of cloud services. We already talked about the possibility of adding a music streaming service, and if there is music there will be movies, too. So it might be possible to see a Netflix like service, soon. 

Leaked MEGA interface screenshot

We will see how things are going to turn out and if the launch of the service is ready on January 20th. Certainly, Kim is not going to sleep well these days. 

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