Google Cloud Shell New Code Editor, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Collaboration Introduced

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On the heels of its Horizon event held earlier this month, Google Cloud is making more announcements. 

First of all, the company is introducing a new code editor for Google Cloud Shell

Also,  it is adding the availability of Pivotal Cloud Foundry on the Google Cloud Platform.

New services, new regions, product updates and rebrandings were all part of the Horizon event.

Google also recently unveiled Zaius, Google and Rackspace’s Open Compute Project (OCP) server running on IBM POWER9.

The server, now in its first draft, combines the benefits of IBM POWER9 and OpenCAPI.

Google’s New Cloud Shell

The new Google Cloud Shell Editor is an integrated code editor based on Eclipse Orion; the product got developed because users have requested the ability to edit code and configuration files without having to leave their browsers.

Google Cloud Shell is a command line interface for the management of GCP resources. The company notes the new editor comes with the Cloud SDK and other essential tools pre-installed.

Users can reach the editor through Google’s Cloud Console, and access it by clicking on the Cloud Shell icon on the top right section of the toolbar. 

The announcement post also gives coding examples and ends by stating:

The new Google Cloud Shell code editor is just a first step toward making Cloud Shell developers’ go-to environment for everything from simple DevOps tasks to end-to-end software development

Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform

In addition to the new code editor, Google Cloud is collaborating with Pivotal to give users the ability to deploy and operate Pivotal Cloud Foundry on GCP.

PCF is based on the open source Cloud Foundry project.

For businesses, this brings together Pivotal’s cloud-native experience and Google’s infrastructure and innovation.

The benefits, according to the announcement post on Google Cloud, include:

PCF applications deployed on GCP utilize Google Cloud Load Balancing

Fast boot times on virtual machines allow for rapid scaling

Industry-leading price to performance ratio on cloud compute resources

Furthermore, customers will have access to Google’s data and machine learning (ML) services within customer applications.

Custom-built service brokers will expose GCP services directly into Cloud Foundry. 

And Google plans to bring more GCP services into the Cloud Foundry ecosystem in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the news from Google Cloud?  Post them in the comments section below. 

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