Flickr Revamped, Keeps 1 TB of Free Storage

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Yahoo’s cloud photo storage system, Flickr, just got a massive upgrade. Everything is now different and quite possibly better.

Flickr is now much better organized and has improved search and uploading features. In addition, the 1 TB of free storage space Flickr has been giving since 2012 is still available.

Better Search Algorithms, Recognizes Image Content

Here’s what improvements Flickr boasts on its blog:

  • Filtering images by size, color or orientation.
  • Search for a holiday or a location. This makes finding those pictures taken for a Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago last year much easier.
  • Improved search algorithms. No longer will typing “Boston Red Sox” return dozens of pictures of people wearing red socks. Instead, Flickr will show images of MLB club players and stadium.
  • Finally, Flickr has introduced a new technology capable of recognizing image content. This makes it possible to find something even without adding taglines. Of course, the company says that it will keep the tags for those who prefer it that way.

Flickr Introduces Uploadr,  a New Desktop App for Automatically Uploading Photos

One of the biggest additions to Flickr is certainly Uploadr. The new desktop app runs in the background and will upload new photos automatically. Not only that, but it also sets all new photos as private by default.

Flickr has launched the Uploadr tool in order to challenge Apple’s iCloud Photo Library. 

If nothing else, it has one thing in its favor and that’s more free storage available. iCloud’s free photo tier allows only 5 GB of free space.

Making Photo Albums With Magic View

Another neat feature added to Flickr is the ability to create photo albums using Magic View. This feature can sort photos by style, landscape, people or places, or something else. 


When images are not sorted into albums or by search, they will be visible in Camera Roll in reverse chronological order. What do you think about Flickr new look? Do you like it? Can Flickr finally become the number one online photo storage solution Yahoo hopes it to be? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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