Carbonite Updates MailStore Server With New Features

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Earlier this week, cloud and hybrid solutions provider Carbonite released the newest version of its MailStore Server  (9.2) email archiving solution, and for those with a subscription to this service, the update comes for free.

Now MailStore Server comes with several new features, including:

  • Better Office 365 support
  • Integrated job scheduler
  • Better search functionality

According to Carbonite, MailStore Server now offers a better integration and support for Office 365. This means that users can sync their MailStore Server lists directly to Office 365 and don’t need to use the Active Directory as before. 

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In addition to this, user authentication is now directly done via Office 365 access data. The latest MailStore Server should now enable users to schedule jobs without having to use a 3rd-party tool like Windows Task Scheduler.

Instead, MailStore provides all maintenance, including backup and data verification.

MailStore Search Improvements

Search capabilities on the email archiving solution have also received an upgrade. They now include message list optimization for MailStore Web Access and Outlook add-in. With this, users will be able to navigate and search their content within particular folders.

Christopher Wey, Vice President of Corporate Development at Carbonite, said the following in a statement:

“Email communication has become and integral part of continuous business operations and ensuring long-term access to all emails – and the information within – is critical to the success of business of all sizes.”

Free With a Subscription, Carbonite Offers a 30-day Trial

For customers with a subscription to the service, the update (MailStore Server 9.2)  is free of charge. However, those who don’t have a subscription can take a 30-day trial, also for free, Carbonite explained. 


Carbonite acquired MailStore for $20 million last year in December.

What do you think about the MailStore Server? Is it a good solution for your email archiving needs and does this update makes it even more approachable? Share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments below.

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