Backblaze’s Mac Update To Increase Upload Speed

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Backblaze has launched 4.0 version of its Mac backup application. The most impressive enhancement is that the update could allow users to upload files up to five times faster than ever before.


The Background Of Backblaze

Backblaze provides secure data backup for Windows and Mac devices. A leader in content security, the company offers unlimited storage space and supports the upload and digital storage of unlimited file sizes. Users have always had the ability to choose the amount of upload bandwidth utilized by the app.


However, issues with latency meant that the Mac app didn’t consistently take advantage of higher rates of speed. Users often found themselves waiting minutes for uploads that should have taken mere seconds.

Backblaze’s Mac Update

Subscribers that update the Backblaze app on their Mac computer or tablet can now allocate multiple threads, or processes, to any given job. This will speed up the task from beginning to end. Customers storing and accessing data from more than 500 miles away from Backblaze’s California data center stand to see the most significant improvements.

PlanUnlimited Personal
Price Plan
$ 5 00monthly
$ 50 00yearly
$ 95 002 years
Storage Unlimited

Plan is for one computer.

Version 4.0 won’t automatically add extra bandwidth. However, users that utilize two or three threads should notice a positive difference when uploading large or complex files to the cloud storage platform.

The recently announced update to Mac devices, in addition to faster uploads, will allow for quicker downloads as well. For example, when restoring content from a backup system, users will have access to documents more rapidly.

Backblaze’s new update is available free of charge to all current users. For new users, the company’s cloud storage service costs only $5 per month. This monthly fee includes unlimited data backup for the Mac and any external drives connected to the device. If you are a Mac and Backblaze user, how excited are you about the version 4.0 update?


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