Kloudless Integrates Your Favorite Cloud Applications with Your Email

By Monty Dimkpa
— Last Updated: 2020-03-23T21:49:24+00:00

Kloudless is a smart new service that turns your Gmail inbox into a hub for all your favorite cloud applications. With Kloudless, you can move your email attachments to any connected cloud platform and share easily with links instead of actual files.

Why Kloudless is Brilliant

We introduced Kloudless to you in an earlier article. Kloudless is a free Gmail plugin that is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Simply download the browser extension from the Kloudless website https://kloudless.com/ to connect all your favorite cloud applications through your Gmail inbox.

With Kloudless, you have a very convenient way of handling email attachments– instead of having to worry about managing your email attachments, simply use Kloudless to upload your attachments to any cloud platform you choose and easily share the links instead.

This means you don’t have to worry about file size limits, and you can now send updated versions of files without having to reattach (simply access the original file in the cloud application and edit!).

What Kloudless Can Do (Features)

As described earlier, Kloudless is a very interesting application with great features for businesses, working professionals, and individuals. With Kloudless, users enjoy the following benefits:

1. Cloud Integration

For the first time, all your favorite cloud applications are integrated right in your email. This means you can move files sent to you in email attachments to any of your preferred cloud locations, without having to actually download the file and open additional browsers to access cloud services.

2. Save Inbox Space

Because Kloudless converts your files to sharable links, you can save inbox space, and easily transfer files to people and locations in the cloud.

3. Easily Share and Modify Attachments

In the past, to send someone a modified file, you would have to reattach the new file. With Kloudless, all you have to do is make the edits directly to the original file in the cloud, and the link will automatically point to the updated file. Talk about time and energy saved!

4. Security Through Access Permissions

Kloudless also secures your links by allowing you to control access permissions. The files you share through Kloudless are not visible to unauthorized persons.

You can also limit access with a password (for highly confidential files) or with an expiry time (for time-sensitive content).

5. Automate Your Cloud Storage

Kloudless also allows you to automate the process of transferring email attachments to the cloud. Imagine if you got emailed 300 files and you need to have them all backed up to different cloud platforms – now imagine having to do that manually!

Kloudless can automate this process, allowing you to relax while your attachments are being transferred to your selected locations in the cloud.

Cloud Services Supported by Kloudless

Kloudless currently supports many of the major cloud providers including (scroll to view provider details):

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Upcoming Developments

Kloudless in currently in Beta mode, and new developments are underway. Kloudless plans to add support for other browsers – only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are currently supported. Kloudless also plans to add support for Outlook.

Automation with Kloudless

It is possible that other email accounts (aside from Gmail) will be supported as time goes on, because Kloudless eventually aims to expand from simply connecting cloud services through email to actually integrating whole cloud platforms.

Read the Kloudless blog for more development updates – http://blog.kloudless.com/


Kloudless is free and easy to use. Simply start by downloading the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox at the Kloudless website.

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For more detailed instructions on how to get started, see the Kloudless Getting Started Guide. Get started with Kloudless today and enjoy integrated cloud services right from your email!