InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion is, quite simply, a great provide with an easy-to-learn interface and good pricing. The experience, however, is marred by the frequent pop-ups.

By Jacob RoachDeputy Editor
— Last Updated: 25 Apr'18
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InMotion has been hosting websites since 2001 and during that time has managed to strike partnerships with Google, Intel, Dell and other influential tech companies. The company also has a sizeable list of awards that show its commitment to great web hosting. On top of all that, InMotion provides some of the cheapest prices available.

InMotion does falter in some minor ways when it comes to user experience. Confusing support navigation and frequent popups make the experience clunky. Still, InMotion is very impressive, especially considering its low cost of service, and the user experience is smoothed out somewhat thanks to the use of cPanel. Read on to see how it compares to the best web hosting providers.

Alternatives for InMotion Hosting

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Extensive knowledgebase
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Unlimited email
  • Paid phone support
  • Paid malware removal tool
  • “Green” web hosting
  • cPanel
  • Inexpensive shared plans
  • Excellent support
  • Difficult to navigate knowledgebase
  • Expensive plans outside of shared hosting
  • No cloud hosting
  • Many server types
  • cPanel
  • Easy WordPress install
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Confusion in choosing a plan
  • Expensive
  • No free domain

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Inexpensive
  • cPanel integration
  • Free SSD storage
  • Lively YouTube channel
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Free website transfers
  • Great support staff
  • Green data plans


  • Confusing support system
  • Popups on website
  • Overwhelming when choosing a plan
  • No cloud hosting


95% - Excellent

Despite its low cost, InMotion is one of the most smartly assembled hosting platforms today, as you can see in our web hosting comparison chart. It doesn’t have every single server option possible, but the options that are available are thought out well and packed with features that actually make a difference.

The InMotion servers utilize solid state drives (SSDs) rather than mechanical hard drives. Since they aren’t limited by the speed at which a disk can spin, SSDs can access data very quickly. They’re also more reliable because there is less risk of mechanical malfunction.

Speaking of reliability, InMotion offers free backups across all of its plans. Doing so is uncommon among web hosting services; in fact, from the cheapest to the most expensive service, no other examples come to mind.

InMotion Advertising Credit

Another InMotion perk is advertising credit. Thanks to the company’s search-engine partnerships, all plans come with a free $250 credit to launch Google, Bing or Yahoo advertising campaigns.

To enhance the overall experience, InMotion uses cPanel to help you manage your site, a common web-hosting integration that makes managing sites simpler. We’ll dive more into cPanel in the “ease of use” section below.

In addition to everything just listed, InMotion has many additional features available depending on the subscription plan you sign up for. We’ll take a look at price plans, next.


100% - Excellent

Plan:Price per month:
Business Hosting:$5.99
VPS Hosting:$24.99
Dedicated Hosting:$99.99
Reseller Hosting:$13.99
WordPress Hosting:$5.99

InMotion has straightforward pricing that’s inexpensive and doesn’t require that you sign up for several years. While some plans do require an annual subscription, InMotion makes that apparent on the product page so there’s no confusion at checkout.

Currently, exclusive to readers, InMotion is offering a special deal for its WP-500S WordPress hosting plan at $2.95 per month, making it very attractive to check the service out.

Business hosting (also known as shared hosting) is a great way to get started on your website. The prices are low, even at the highest tier. InMotion offers Launch, Power and Pro plans, with the primary difference between them being speed. For Launch and Power plans, you must purchase either one or two years up front.

InMotion WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting shares the same pricing breakdown as business hosting. At $5.99 per month, it’s a great deal compared to, for example, DreamHost’s WordPress hosting plan, which starts at $16.95 per month. While the basic plan at InMotion doesn’t offer everything that you can read about in our DreamHost review, the deal is still pretty good.

The rest of the plans, including Pro Business hosting, offer month-to-month subscriptions. Even then, the prices stay low. For point of reference, VPS plans are charged the same price for a monthly plan that hosting provider A2 charges per month on an annual subscription (for details on this, check out our A2 review).

Dedicated hosting is surprisingly cheap, too. InMotion’s $100 per month starting price is even less than HostGator’s $120 per month base cost (read our Hostgator review to see how we got that number), which itself is a pretty good deal.

Additionally, InMotion keeps some refurbished servers in stock for even cheaper dedicated plans.

InMotion’s reseller hosting plans, which start at $13.99 per month, are also a bit cheaper than what you get with HostGator. On top of that, you get more disk space and bandwidth than HostGator’s analog reseller plan.


Server Types

95% - Excellent

InMotion offers five different types of hosting. While it doesn’t hit every area of web hosting, the selection should be broad enough to satisfy most users. The servers have a list of impressive specs, too, meaning you get plenty of performance for your money.

Business hosting is just shared hosting with a different name. Shared hosting puts multiple users on the same server. Because of the user count, speeds are generally lower on shared servers, making them ideal for small businesses, blogs or portfolios.

Even so, InMotion has surprising speeds. We used Bitcacha to measure the server’s response time. This tool connects to a website on the server but doesn’t actually load any content, giving an accurate number when evaluating raw server power.

It clocked in with an average response time of 45ms in the U.S. It’s not the fastest speed we’ve observed but certainly sits low on the bell curve. For instance, iPage (read our iPage review) gains a slight advantage at 43ms, but GoDaddy (read our GoDaddy review) falls short at 56ms.

When international servers are brought into the mix, InMotion still performs quite well. The overall response time is 149.3ms, rivaled only by SiteGround (read our SiteGround review) which has an average of 146.5ms across all servers.

These speeds are simply a test of the server response, though. Your speeds will be higher depending on the content of your site. However, when pitting web hosts against each other, it’s still a good measure of performance.

Outside of speeds, Business plans have a nice list of features as well. Every plan comes with SSD storage that can run up to 20 times faster than spinning drives. Additionally, you get a free domain with each plan, free data backups and over 400 one-click installers.  

WordPress hosting is the same as business hosting, but optimized for WordPress. The platform is pre-installed at your domain, with managed updates and security specific to WordPress.

InMotion VPS

VPS stands for “virtual private server.” This type of hosting runs your website off a virtual machine that shares resources with a physical server. Basically, you get a set of resources from a server all to yourself, making it an inexpensive way to mimic dedicated hosting.

Additionally, you get root-level access, meaning you can install virtually any software that runs on Linux.

Dedicated hosting gives you a physical server all to yourself. While expensive, dedicated hosting plans provide the most flexibility and the fastest speeds. InMotion’s dedicated servers also feature KernalCare, allowing updates to the server with zero downtime, plus tier one networking to automatically switch bandwidth providers in case one goes down.

The final hosting plan available with InMotion is reseller hosting. Reseller plans are ideal for website designers who need to sell services to clients. Included with each reseller plan is billing software called WHMCS and an eNom Domain Reseller account that allows you to register top-level domains.

As far as types of hosting plans not available, the biggest miss is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting spreads your websites over multiple servers, giving you reliability in case one goes down and scalability in case you want to move to more servers.

If that’s a deal breaker, consider DreamHost instead, read our DreamHost review to find out why.

Ease of Use

80% - Good

Let’s start with the good stuff. InMotion uses the web-hosting GUI cPanel, which is commonly used by top web-hosting providers because it’s so simple to use. The interface gives you essential information about your primary domain, plus categories for managing all areas of your website.

Large icons make it easy to move around the interface.

Accessing cPanel is fairly straightforward, too. To find it, go to your account management panel (AMP) and find the cPanel icon. While the AMP doesn’t have the best layout, it provides everything you need for managing your billing, registrations and hosting.

InMotion’s website is a different story, though. The website is overloaded with information, making it hard to decipher what you’re reading. It’s not horrible, but it can be overwhelming at first.

What is horrible are the popups. While I can’t say for certain the website always has popups, I experienced at least three when I poked around there. Popups for newsletters and current promotions slow down the process of choosing a plan and made the entire experience rather frustrating. None of our best pop-up blockers seemed to work against them, either.

Overall, InMotion’s site isn’t bad, though. It’s very responsive, with a beautiful layout and plenty of bright icons to make scanning easy. However, it would be nice to see information that isn’t pertinent trimmed and popups completely done away with.


90% - Excellent

Security shouldn’t be an issue with InMotion. While the platform lacks CloudFlare integration, there are still plenty of options within your cPanel for keeping your information secure and your site protected.

The first, and most important, are SSL certificates for your domain. While other services like HostGator charge for SSL certificates, they come free with InMotion. An SSL certificate keeps information encrypted during transfer, protecting passwords, credit card data and more while communicating with the server.

Even if your site isn’t an e-commerce platform, an SSL certificate is important. Web browsers are increasingly warning users who land on non-secure pages, which could deter traffic down the line.

For malware, InMotion uses a program called Patchman. This piece of software functions like an anti-virus, exposing vulnerabilities and patching your site automatically. It comes free of charge with business and reseller plans which is a huge plus.

While not directly related to someone attacking your site, InMotion also provides free, automatic backups for all plans. In the event your site goes down or you slip up on a line of code, you can rest assured that you can revert back to a previous build.

It’s disappointing that CloudFlare isn’t built in, but that’s not a deal breaker. Between malware protection, free automatic backups and free SSL certificates, InMotion gets security right.


70% - Decent

InMotion has the standard array of contact methods, including live chat, phone support, email support and Skype calls. What really sets InMotion apart, though, are its product guides, tutorials and YouTube videos.

Let’s start with contacting InMotion. The four methods all work, but navigating to them is a hassle. Live chat, Skype and phone support can be accessed by anyone from the options menu in the top right corner of the web page, which works fine.

Finding the email support and ticketing system, however, is more complex. Both are buried in your AMP, hidden among a list of other icons that pertain to managing your account.

Even after searching around my AMP, I actually had to go to Google to find a tutorial on how to submit a ticket. Further adding to the confusion, there’s a separate account you can create to track your tickets outside of your web-hosting account.

All in all, InMotion has one of the most confusing support systems I have ever seen. The support itself is fantastic, with plenty of forms of contact and department directories. However, InMotion could have streamlined this system into a separate category in your AMP.

Unfortunately, the issues in contacting support drown out the level of support InMotion offers.

InMotion’s support center is far better, thankfully. The landing page gives FAQs, product guides, tutorials and more. InMotion has just about everything you need here. Articles are very detailed with plenty of screenshots that make the whole process simpler.

What really impresses is InMotion’s YouTube channel. Rather than having thrown up a handful of short tutorials and never updating the channel, InMotion is surprisingly active. At time of writing, the last video was uploaded less than a week ago with around 400 already uploaded.

The customer service with InMotion is a wash. On the positive end, it has one of the most detailed support centers you’ll find, with a great YouTube channel and plenty of tutorials. On the other, contacting InMotion is frustrating.

The Verdict

InMotion is one of the best web-hosting providers available today. The prices are low but plans still include many essential features more commonly associated with expensive web-hosting solutions. It’s clear InMotion focused on building a strong user experience backed by cPanel integration and tremendous overall value.

Despite some frustration in finding support, the staff is very helpful. Overall, there’s a bit of a learning curve with InMotion. However, once you get there, you’ll find your website backed by a powerful hosting solution with many great options.

Care to weigh in on InMotion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading. If you’re interested in other services, too, we recommend you check out our other web hosting reviews

InMotion Hosting Review

A good user experience that could easily be great

InMotion is, quite simply, a great provide with an easy-to-learn interface and good pricing. The experience, however, is marred by the frequent pop-ups.
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