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InMotion Hosting Overview

Inmotion Web Hosting

Web hosting companies are often ranked amongst the least honest and most unscrupulous of providers when it comes to online facilities. However, InMotion web hosting has been enjoying a relatively stellar reputation over the past decade as a web hosting provider.

We’re about to find out today if that reputation suffers from inflation or not, and recommend (or not) in our InMotion hosting review the company as a web hosting company that perhaps is worthy of your trust and money.

About InMotion

Let’s start our InMotion hosting review back in 2001 when a two-man cell made by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson founded the company. From its two-man team to a company located in two separate locations (Los Angeles and Virginia Beach), InMotion has grown to become amongst the most respected web hosting companies around.

The company boasts cheap packages, all-American customer support and a wide variety of web hosting related services and features. The company also takes extra care to insure that customer retention is a top priority for staff, basing their entire pay system on bonuses which stem from meeting key performance indicators against a low base pay.

Whether or not this a good thing for employees is arguable, but it’s definitely a great piece of news for customers.

Setup & Usability

95% – Excellent

Web Hosting of course is InMotion’s bread and butter, but they also offer VPN, Web Design, Domains and various site hosting tools. And we’ll take a look at their other offers as well, for now let’s check out their main product. The great news is, all plans come with unlimited e-mail.

InMotion’s Shared hosting plan is actually referred to as the Business Hosting offer, which is divided into Launch, Power and Pro tiers. The company also provides SSDs for free on all plans. Opening an account with either personal or business hosting plans could not be simpler, simply select your plan or check out our web hosting comparison:

Price Plan
$ 5 99monthly
$ 71 88yearly
$ 7 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 13 99monthly
$ 167 88yearly
Disk Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Domains 2 26 Unlimited
Free Domain

Enter your credit card details and choose a domain. The company will call before you login and guide you through everything.

There’s also special hosting discounts and services for students (50% off) and educational institutions, and rightly so in the modern era, InMotion has opened a green data center in Los Angeles; supporting an Eco-friendly message with the partnership of Trees for The Future. The first two plans do not have monthly pay options, and all plans generally feature a heavy discount year-round.

The last plan, Pro, does feature a month-to-month payment plan, which also does have a pretty heavy discount most of the year. Speaking if discounts, the initial one offered is valid for up to 3-years before regular rates apply.

InMotion provides further options right before click-out, customers can add a WordPress blog, Joomla can be brought on board, spam detectors, etc. However, it’s a bit disappointing that non of these extra perks come standard, also c’mon! McAfee has a free trial? How ironic that an anti-virus program should be as prevalent and unwelcome as an actual virus.

Bit of a bare bones and advanced set-up for a first timers, but it’s by no means an uphills slog to learning the ropes. Also, a setup specialist will call and help guide a new customer through the whole process of getting up and moving, adding blogs and what not. A customary step unfortunately, but a good one nonetheless.

Features & Addons

90% – Excellent

InMotion’s Blog Setups

InMotion have a suite of blog installations available, including:

  • WordPress
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla

An unfortunate downside to the InMotion payment system is its lack of obvious methods. The system basically strong arms you into paying via Credit Card, with a Paypal methods hidden deep inside the builder. So InMotion is a company that deals heavily in personal details. The only other option for payment is via mail, checks only– no cash.

Cpanel in The House

InMotion uses the tried and tested (hint: it tested positive) cPanel for its day-to-day operations, where websites, FTP files, billing, customer service, and everything else is taken care of. Custom installations included.

Small FYI for the more open minded web masters out there, InMotion doesn’t allow pornographic content on its servers. There’s actually a pretty detailed and straight to the point FAQ section, read it up. Essentially, InMotion is a highly functional service that keeps to traditional values and really enjoys detailing customer details and credit card numbers.


Domain parking and name registration is also available from InMotion, they offer domain privacy as a big selling point and also provide one free domain with every 12 to 24-month hosting plan. Any pre-exisitng domain will also be transferred for free with any 1 and 2 year plan purchase. In addition to domains, InMotion also deals in…

Web Design

Well, why not get the guys who host your website to also make it, right? Although InMotion comes with a built-in web builder, it’s a pretty plain 3-step (site, blog, and photo gallery) builder (with an inconvenient separate login mechanic) that makes functional if rather plain looking sites.

Of course, WordPress wizards are free to work their magic and enjoy building a killer looking blog-site or a customer can simply choose to allow InMotion the honor of building their whole website from the ground up.

Prices are available after a 6-step discourse process about the planned website. During which the customer and designer can agree on a common vision and figure out the intended purpose of the site. InMotion made sites come with search engine rankings taken care of.

The problem with using and having a site built, but or working with InMotion’s panel, is that new add-ons all require their separate logins, which is why adding hosting tools can be a bit of a pain in the backside. Speaking of site hosting tools…

Plenty of Tools to Play With

cPanel and OpenCart both come standard with any package, and alongside them the following tools are also available:

  • PrestaShop (online shopping tool)
  • Moodle (educational and course based website builder)
  • Premium Web Builder (free website builder-plain but highly functional)
  • WordPress (Blogging platform)
  • B2evolution (free blog and CMS engine for media and file management)
  • Joomla (CMS system)
  • Drupal (Open source web development tool that’s free)

Counting Domain Privacy, the McAfee e-mail snooper service, all-in-all InMotion’s has a very good package for customers.

Let’s Email!

The great news is is that all plans have unlimited e-mail, the even better news is that you can access emails via programs like Outlook, Thunderbird and most mobile devices. The slightly not-so-great news is that McAfee bloatware is once against presented on a silver platter. Secure IMAP and POP3 are on board without a doubt, added SSH integration and Google Apps integration are two cherries on the cake.

Welcome to My New Store

Setting up a good and easy-to-use store with plenty of payment options is definitely an important part of running any business. With InMotion’s Premium Web Builder (don’t let the name fool you, it’s free) has both OpenCart and PrestaShop on-hand to help deal with E-store side of things. They both do a great job and are free.


90% – Excellent

It’s a hacker-hack-hacker world out there and just everyday data loss is a thing. Sites that are under 10GB are backed up free of charge every 36-days. A free Sucuri Security plug-in (needs to be added) is available to deal with Spyware and its inbred cousin Malware.

McAfee is also available as a full anti-virus protection suite for email at around $1.39 a month. People looking to invest in SSL certificates will have to fork out a $100 a year and a customary $25 installation fee.

Uptime & Downtime

90% – Excellent

InMotion offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% at all times, A pretty bold claim to stake a 30-day and 90-day money back guarantee on. According to besthostratings.com, InMotion has essentially fulfilled this promise with an overall uptime of 99.890. The website has been monitoring the web host since November 10th 2005.

The company also has Max Zone Speeds spread across multiple data centers which a customer can choose from and an excellent power backup system. Check out their reliability page for full details.

Customer Support

93% – Excellent

E-mail, a ticketing system and live chat are all available and generally receive pretty quick and effective responses. There’s also a big community center for help and a YouTube channel where video tutorials are uploaded. The support center also has additional nifty help features like a black list checker, a quick tagger and other useful tools.

Nothing beats a live chat though for support and although there’s a chat option (where you have to enter a help question and deal with usually incorrect help results) it doesn’t tell you how many people are in-line before you. But within 5 minutes or less there’s usually a live person to talk to.

Not always the most knowledgeable, but they will definitely get you in touch with the right people who generally fix the problem fast. Joining the support community results in free premium support from InMotion, usually a paid perk.


Well, how to end this web hosting review – but with the truth. InMotion is a generally upfront, well designed web hosting company that does not skimp on useful perks, but nonetheless has a few of the nasty habits that most web hosting companies share.

The company’s pros outweigh its cons by a significant margin, but watch out for a few McAfee prompts, no monthly payments and a few kinks in customer support alongside a basic but fully functional website builder. The lack of payment options is also a heart breaker.

The icing on InMotion’s cake is the inclusion of free SSD drives with all plans, Business, VPS and Dedicated hosting. Otherwise great prices, fast speeds, green hosting, useful extras which are mostly free and great on-phone customer support for beginners – all make InMotions an example amongst its peers in the industry.

Overall, if it’s within your budget, we highly recommend trying out InMotion hosting.

InMotion Hosting Review

Top of the line web host.

A top of the line web host with great prices and a stellar reputation; is this the truth of InMotion and is the hosting company worth your dime's time? Let's find out.
Starts from
$ 5.99 per month
Visit InMotion Hosting
Starts from
$ 5.99 per month
Visit InMotion Hosting
  • SSD With every plan
  • Good pricing
  • Very speedy
  • Plenty of perks
  • McAfee bloatware (easily avoidable)
  • No month-to-month
  • Basic but functional website builder
  • Lack of flexible payment options