How to Watch Black Panther in 2021: Wakanda Forever

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Black Panther is one of the most popular and lucrative films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the Avengers franchise. The movie shattered records, financially and culturally. Aside from being fun to watch, it tackles many issues ailing the world with tact and nuance. That said, like other Marvel films, figuring out how to watch Black Panther online can be tricky.

As with other Marvel movies, Black Panther is available to watch in multiple places, but has a habit of moving around. In 2019, Disney will trot out its Disney+ streaming platform, which will serve as an opening salvo against Netflix and make watching MCU movies easier, in theory, because they’ll be in one place.

Until then, we’re here to help with a quick guide on how to watch Black Panther online. We’ll outline where to stream or rent, where you might find it for free and how to get it through Kodi. If you need to catch up on other Marvel movies, check out our guide on how to watch The Avengers.

If you’re a sports fan, you can read our guides on how to watch Champions League online and how to watch UFC online, as well.

If for no other reason, Black Panther is worth a watch to better appreciate how phrases such as “Is this your king?!” and “Wakanda forever!” have entered the pop culture lexicon. Let’s break down your options.

How to Watch Black Panther Online

If you’ve been perusing Netflix to watch some of the other MCU movies, you’ve likely noticed that Black Panther is among them. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, that is an obvious choice. Netflix’s Marvel library is subject to change, though, so don’t squander the opportunity.

If you can’t find it, make sure to read our best Netflix hacks to open secret areas of the service.


Amazon has the movie available for rent, but it isn’t on Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a fan of Amazon, it’s a good way to rent other Marvel movies, as well. If it isn’t your bag, Vudu is a solid choice and its prices are fair. Like Amazon, it usually has most Marvel movies.


Google’s an option, too. The Google Play store lets you rent Black Panther for the same price as Vudu and Amazon. The movie is also available for rent on YouTube.

Hulu isn’t great for Marvel movies. Popular MCU content rarely shows up on the platform and Black Panther is no exception.

All that is assuming you live in the U.S. Geoblocks may lock you out of watching Black Panther on a streaming service. Read our geoblocking guide to learn what they are and how to circumvent them.

The surest way is to use a VPN. Netflix has specialized VPN detection, though, so you’ll want to use one from our best VPN for Netflix article.

How to Watch Black Panther for Free

Watching movies in full — and for free — is tricky these days. It’s also illegal. The Motion Picture Association of America and Recording Industry Association of America have taken aggressive stances toward fighting piracy, even going as far as getting internet service providers on board. Recently, AT&T disconnected the service of several customers accused of pirating.

With that aside, we’re not here to be your moral compass, but to advise you on being the most discrete of internet pirates. First, use a virtual private network. Anyone who’s been caught pirating or accused of it likely wasn’t using one. Don’t be them.

A good place to start is our best VPN guide. We’re going to spoil it, though, and let you know that ExpressVPN was our top pick (read our ExpressVPN review). For the mobile crowd, see our best VPN for Android and best VPN for iPhone.

Getting files from shady sources puts your PC or device at risk, so be sure you’ve got the best antivirus software. Porn pop-ups and malvertisements love to hitch a ride in those places, as well, so pick one of our best pop-up blockers before getting started.

That said, there are many websites where you can watch Black Panther and other movies. Websites such as Movies123, SolarMovie, YesMovies and Showbox are popular streaming portals for movies and TV shows.

Those websites tend to jump around or change names, so be prepared to exercise some due diligence. There’s also no guarantee they will continue to exist, as many similar websites have been shut down.

If torrenting is your thing, Black Panther and other Marvel movies are among the most downloaded. That means it won’t be hard to find a torrent through a client, such as BitTorrent. If you’re a serious torrentor, check out our best VPN for torrenting, as well as some alternative torrents.

If you’re torrenting, you should be using a VPN because downloading movies gets into a legal gray area. We like CyberGhost and PIA, especially if you’re on a budget (read our CyberGhost review and PIA review).

Watch Black Panther on Kodi

For those who prefer to stream using Kodi, there are many add-ons for Marvel movies. One of the more popular Kodi ones was Exodus. The original Exodus add-on was abandoned some time ago because of lawsuits and allegations of piracy, but it left behind many alternatives in the form of forks.

Two of them are Exodus Kodi and Placenta. The Placenta add-on can be found in multiple repositories and seems to move around quite a bit. The Blamo Repo was a popular source for it, but has been shut down. Your best bet is to install a Kodi build that already has it, such as Durex Build Kodi.

Like Placenta, there are many builds that come equipped with an Exodus fork. That said, the most updated version can be found through the KodiBae repository. GitHub is a good place to find the repo files, but a Google search can steer you in the right direction.


If you’re unfamiliar with Kodi, our Kodi guide will help you get acquainted. You might also find Black Panther through our best Kodi repositories. For more information, head to our Kodi archive, where you can find our best Kodi add-ons.

Final Thoughts

Black Panther is one 2018’s greatest movies, and that’s quite a feat, given the collective accomplishments of the MCU. It’s the best-reviewed Marvel film and is perhaps only overshadowed by Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

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There’s no better time to watch than now, as we await the arrival of MCU titles such as Captain Marvel and the confirmed Black Panther sequel.

Let us know what you think of Black Panther or what your favorite MCU flick is by dropping us a comment or tweeting at us. For more streaming and how to watch guides, head to our streaming archive.

Thanks for reading.