How to Watch Arrow Online in 2021 Before You Fail This City

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Arrow is a show that airs on the CW and follows the adventures of Oliver Queen, a billionaire turned bow-wielding vigilante after being stranded abroad for five years. If you’re thinking he sounds an awful lot like Batman, we don’t blame you, but Oliver has plenty of his own to offer as well, which is why we recommend you watch Arrow online, using this comprehensive guide.

Arrow season 1 focuses on Oliver’s return to his home in Starling City after being shipwrecked on a deserted island off the coast of China for five years, though in flashbacks we quickly learn he was far from alone there. His main mission on his return is to go work through a list, given to him by his deceased father, of people that have failed Starling City, most of them rich folks who scammed their way to wealth.

The first season is the easiest to follow, especially as the cast is smaller because the showrunners were less focused on setting up the whole Arrowverse, the CW’s set of spinoffs of the wildly successful show. Besides Oliver, there’s Diggle, his driver and bodyguard, and Felicity, a secretary who takes some time to develop into a love interest, as opposed to some shows out there (looking at you, Outlander).

If you want to watch Arrow season 7 in its entirety, however, get ready to do some homework, as not only will you need to watch every season before, you may also need to watch The Flash and such if you really want to know what’s going on. At times it feels like the entire DC Universe was crammed into Arrow, with cameos from Constantine and other protagonists.

However, there’s an upside to this. If you can’t get enough of Arrow, the Arrowverse has got you covered. Spin-offs include The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, so check out our guide on how to watch the CW online if you’d like to watch them, too. But first, let’s see where you can watch Arrow online.

How to Watch Arrow Online

As a CW show, Arrow and all its spinoffs can be viewed using the CW app. We really like it, as it’s free and offers plenty of entertainment, though be warned that the ads can get a bit annoying. Then again, we’d rather pay with patience than dollars, so there’s that. Do note, though, that the CW site itself only offers a few items to stream, you’ll need to install the app to get access to everything.


However, to access either the CW site or the app, you need to be dialing in from the United States as both are region-locked. If you’re not in America, you’re going to need a U.S. IP address to watch Arrow for free and legally.

The linked article gives you a few suggestions of the best virtual private networks you could use for that, but you’re best bet is probably ExpressVPN. It’s not the cheapest, but it will get you past any geoblock.

However, much like with The Shield, there’s more than one way to watch Arrow via online streaming. European viewers can watch it via Netflix, which means that people outside of the Old World can watch it too as long as they use any of our best VPN for Netflix picks.


The Netflix route has as advantage that, not only are all seven seasons of Arrow available, you also get an even bigger library to pick from than with the CW when you’re done with the Arrowverse. Though it does cost roughly $10 per month, chances are, you or somebody you know is already signed up, so you are most likely good to go.

How to Watch Arrow Online for Free

If you can’t afford a VPN to watch the CW for free and you don’t fancy subscribing to Netflix, there are other, less-than-legal options available, though you should definitely have one of the best VPN services engaged when going these routes. Having some of our best antivirus solutions running won’t hurt, either. 

The first option you have is illegal streaming through sites like Couchtuner and PutLocker. As you can read in our guide on how to watch The Wire, we’re kinda fans of PutLocker as it always has the most seasons on offer, and isn’t too frustrating with the amount of on-screen ads it employs. Still, using one of the best pop-up blockers is still a good idea.


At time of writing, PutLocker is up to date with Arrow, so you can watch the whole thing to your heart’s content.

How to Watch Arrow on Kodi

Your next option is Kodi, a streaming platform that you need to install on whichever device you do most of your bingeing on — as you can read in our full Kodi guide, it’ll run on pretty much anything. After a brief search, we found Arrow in its entirety, on the Poseidon add-on.


Poseidon is part of Kodil, one of the best Kodi repos around, and has been featured in many of our entertainment articles as the go-to for shows and movies, including our guide on how to watch Archer. As far as we can tell, all files are in good working order.

Arrow Torrents

We’ll finish this article up by going old school and check your options for torrenting Arrow. The usual warnings apply, of course: sharing copyrighted material is illegal and when you do so, you should always have one of the best VPN for torrenting engaged or risk getting into some serious trouble.


As you can see, there are plenty of options available to you if you want Arrow torrents, with the more recent seasons having the most healthy amount of seeders and leechers (if that means nothing to you, check out our torrenting guide). We suspect alternative torrent sites also have a healthy amount of files available.

Final Thoughts

With that hint of piracy we’ll finish up this article. Arrow is a great show, especially if you’re into comic book adaptations, with a vibrant cast and witty dialog. Using the tips above, you should find yourself watching it in no time.

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What do you think of Arrow? Did we miss any avenues for watching it? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.