How to Backup Your Blackberry Contacts in 2021

Mauricio Prinzlau
By Mauricio Prinzlau (CEO & Co-Founder)
— Last Updated: 2021-10-20T13:34:35+00:00

The BlackBerry cell phone is one type of phone that allows backup for contacts to be saved. There are many ways to backup the contacts on your BlackBerry phone. Following is a list of ways to do this.

1. Copy Contacts to Another Application By Syncing

Synchronizing updates computer files in more than one location via certain rules. When used to backup your contacts, synchronizing will allow sharing of information between your phone and whatever application you are using, and you can choose what information will be shared.

BlackBerry Desktop Software, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, and Hotmail are all applications that allow contacts to be synchronized with the BlackBerry.

2. Copy The Contacts From One Phone to Another via Bluetooth

Some phones have a Bluetooth option that will enable one phone to transfer contacts to another. In order for this to work, both phones must have bluetooth capabilities, and the Bluetooth must be switched on for both phones.

Once the two phones are paired a ‘Transfer Contacts’ option will appear. Note: There are also other phones that will accept your BlackBerry contacts using other applications.

3. Copy Contacts to Your BlackBerry SIM Card

BlackBerry phones have an SIM card which have in them all the information for that particular phone.

SIM Card Encryption Keys
SIM Cards

Most BlackBerry phones that use SIM cards have the same type of SIM cards. An SIM card from one BlackBerry can be inserted into another BlackBerry, and thus the contacts may be transferred in this manner.

4. Copy to a Media Memory Card

Media Memory Cards for Blackberries can be installed and also have the ability to backup contact info. It is a simpe process. Attach a memory card to your PC, using an external or internal card reader. Next, make sure BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC. This software is available at

Connect the BlackBerry to the computer using the USB cord. If BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not launch immediately, press Start and then find the program on the list. Go to the ‘Backup and Restore’ tab and go to ‘Advanced’ options.

Now go to the contact list, and then go to ‘Back Up’. Next specify a location for the backup to be saved. Find the media card, which is now identified as a removable drive. The backup process should start.

5. Copy to a USB drive

It is also possible to save your BlackBerry contacts to an external USB drive. Copying to a USB drive is very easy.

Make sure that the USB that you want to use is connected, and that your BlackBerry is connected, all via USB cables. If the USB devices do not pop up immediately, go to ‘My Computer’ and find the removable disk drives that appear.


The final way to backup your blackBerry contacts is by finding a cloud storage provider. These hosting companies are very useful, as it may be necessary to backup your contacts in more than one location. Because of the possibility of a disaster in your home, cloud storage services provides a location for the safekeeping of your files. 

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