Cloudwards Guide: How to Get Free Online Backup for Presentations and Documents

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Welcome to our guide on how to get free online backup for presentations and documents. Let’s face it; one of the worst thing that could happen right now is that you lose the contents of a thesis, novel, PowerPoint Presentation for your boss or anything that you are writing into a document.

A computer might run smoothly one second and fail miserably in the next, especially if you use an SSD hard drive. 

The best way to protect files is by getting a backup (read our article: why one backup is not enough). If you don’t own an external hard drive or a thumb drive, you can choose an online backup service that will provide solid basic protection so that you can focus on what is important. 

Backup PowerPoint Presentations in The Cloud

The good thing about documents (PowerPoint presentation are documents in a broader sense) is that they are small in size, so they don’t require lots of storage, which could make backup cheaper or even free. Plus, widely known formats such as .ppt or .doc can be viewed/edited online as well.

Box and Office Online
Editing in Box

Those properties make them ideal candidates for free online backup services, or at least, services that allow a free test version with little storage.

There are certainly a lot of online backup services out there and it might be hard to choose. Feel free to start with sorting through our comparison chart to get an eagle’s view of the situation, after all everyone’s first time can be rather daunting.

Ticking Off The Important Features

It is important that we look at a couple of things when thinking about backing up documents online (hopefully for free):

  1. File versioning — this feature save all versions of a document so that even if a mistake is made during a document save, you can always go back to a state in the past
  2. File Syncing — so that everything is always up-to-date across all access devices and available any time
  3. Document Previews — this is super useful for quick content confirmation and snappy teamwork, also really useful when several documents need to be reviewed in succession
  4. Mobile app or client — to view and download files on an iPhone or Android device. Just for that quick look in the train right before your speech.

Our Top Four Picks

Here are a four alternatives we recommend for document storage and backup in the cloud:


SugarSync is one of the best online syncing tools on the web today and when you sign up, you’ll get 5GB for free. That gives you plenty of time to play around with it.

5GB should be enough for your most important PowerPoints and Word Documents and probably gives you even enough space for a small photo collection. 

SpiderOak ONE

SpiderOak  is one of the most secure online backup and syncing tools and their free 2GB storage space is ideal for your document storage in the cloud.

SpiderOak Online Backup and Sync

You can even open a workspace and invite your friends or colleagues to collaborate within a folder. Everything is tightly sealed against the sneaky eyes of hackers. 


Dropbox is certainly among the well known cloud syncing services and is famous for their speed and reliability.

They introduced the term file synchronization to a larger crowd. Dropbox certainly does its job pretty well. 

Google Drive

Google Drive still is a fairly new addition to Google’s services and it has already proven to be quite stable. If you are a Google Docs user, you most likely already use it online in your browser.

If you also want to use Google Drive offline, just download their client and it works similar to Dropbox, giving you a central syncing folder for your files. 


Of course, these are only a couple of options you have to backup files. The most important part is that you have a backup, but hopefully this guide and list which can give you a head start with provider selection.

Tell us which provider you’re using, why you’re using it and don’t forget to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice list shared…! according to me Google Drive is good. gives more space to store the online backup.

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