1. Boxcryptor Review

    Although some cloud storage services come with zero-knowledge encryption, many of the big names don’t. Boxcryptor creates a way around this by letting you do the encryption yourself before you upload anything, as we detail in this full Boxcryptor review.

    By Jacob Roach19 Jun'212021-09-26 12:55:23

    www.boxcryptor.comVisit Boxcryptor Boxcryptor Review
    Starts from $ 3.00 per month (All Plans)

  1. Cryptomator Review

    Great free encryption software.

    By Jacob Roach11 Dec'192021-09-26 12:47:50

    cryptomator.orgVisit CryptomatorCryptomator Review

  1. By Jacob Roach13 Dec'192022-02-08 14:18:16

    nordlocker.comVisit NordLocker NordLocker Review
    Starts from $ 1.00 per month (All Plans)
  2. By Jacob Roach13 Dec'192021-01-19 08:13:40

    www.axcrypt.netVisit AxCrypt AxCrypt Review
    Starts from $ 2.92 per month (All Plans)
  3. By Jacob Roach13 Dec'192020-04-07 04:05:11

    www.veracrypt.frVisit VeraCryptVeraCrypt Review