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Pricing & Licensing
85%Very Good
Recovery Process
Customer Support

EaseUS produces a strong lineup of data utilities that are both powerful enough to meet the needs of IT professionals and easy enough to use for everyone else. During this review, we’ll be examining its data recovery solution, Data Recovery Wizard.

Available for both Windows and Mac, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you recover both accidentally deleted files and files erased by programs. It can also be used access non-mounting, raw or corrupted partitions. Advanced users will appreciate its ability to recover data from servers, RAID storage and damaged optical media.

Overall, the user experience stands as one of the best of any recovery utility we reviewed, ranking it near the top of our 2017 roundup for best data recovery software.

Unfortunately, the service lacks one major function, preventing it from beating Stellar Phoenix or Prosoft Engineering as the best all-around recovery tool: it can’t scan your full hard drive, only partitions. We’ll look at the implications of this later on in this review.

We’ll also examine EaseUS’s otherwise strong feature set, interface, performance and support network.

Alternatives for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Starts from$ 99 00Lifetime
Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Review
  • Fast and thorough scans
  • External drive recovery
  • Removable media recovery
  • Cloning
  • RAID recovery
  • Live chat support
  • Lifetime license
  • No scanning by file type
  • No optical media recovery
  • No thumbnail previews
Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue
Starts from$ 59 99Lifetime
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review
  • Fast and thorough scans
  • Scan by file type
  • External drive recovery
  • Removable media recovery
  • Cloning
  • Optical media recovery
  • Live chat support
  • Lifetime license
  • No thumbnail previews
  • Recovery CD costs extra
  • No RAID recovery
Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Pricing & Licensing

75% – Good

For average Windows consumers, the best EaseUS software is called Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Windows + WinPE. “WinPE” lets you recover data from computers that won’t start due to issues with their boot partitions. The Mac version is called Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac with Bootable Media.

Both Windows and Mac users can opt for a cheaper option that doesn’t include a recovery CD. EaseUS also provides recovery software for iPhones and Android devices. Besides regular consumer plans, there are pricier licenses aimed at IT professionals.

PlanData Recovery Wizard Pro for WindowsData Recovery Wizard Pro for MacData Recovery Wizard Pro for Windows + WinPEData Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac with Bootable MediaData Recovery Wizard Technician for WindowsData Recovery Wizard Technician for MacData Recovery Wizard Technician BundleMobiSaver Pro for Android ProMobiSaver Pro for iPhone (Mac version)
Price Plan
$ 69 95Lifetime
$ 89 95Lifetime
$ 99 90Lifetime
$ 129 90Lifetime
$ 499 99Lifetime
$ 499 99Lifetime
$ 598 80Lifetime
$ 39 95Lifetime
$ 79 95Lifetime

Single license Windows recovery.

Single license Mac recovery.

Single license Windows recovery with ability to recover data from non-booting computers.

Single license Mac recovery with ability to recover data from non-booting computers.

Windows recovery with unlimited usage; free lifetime upgrade.

Mac recovery with unlimited usage; free lifetime upgrade.

Windows & Mac recovery with unlimited usage; free lifetime upgrade (Bootable media addition costs an extra $29.95).

Single device license to recover deleted/lost phone files. Runs on phone.

Multi-device license to recover deleted/lost phone files. Runs on computer.

EaseUS provides trial versions of its software, which can be used to recover up to 2GB of data on PCs and Macs. A trial run will help you determine if your lost data can be recovered prior to purchasing the software. Because it offers a trial version, EaseUS’ 30-day refund policy doesn’t apply to non-technical circumstances, so be sure you know what you’re buying.


85% – Very Good

The following table outlines the essential features you get with an EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro license.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
VersionVersion for which features apply. Mac versions of data recovery tools often have more advanced features than Window analogs. In these cases, I've made special notes.Windows, Mac
Scan Options

Quick ScanA first attempt recovery option that utilizes a simplified scanning algorithm.
Deep ScanA more thorough scan that searches your drive blocks, sector-by-sector, and recreates files based on file patterns. RAW recovery.
Save Scan ResultsSave the results of your scan so you don't have to run it again later.
Sort by File TypeSort results of scan by file type to help you find your data more easily.
Scan by File TypeLimit your scans to files of certain types (i.e., Word documents or images) to reduce the scan time.
Add New File TypesConfigure data recovery tool to scan and search for file types that it isn't already capable of finding (requires samples of new file type).
File PreviewPreview your content before final recovery to make sure it's what you're looking for.
Scan Capabilities

Full Hard-Drive ScanRun a deep scan against your entire hard drive. Can be used to recover data when you can't find lost partitions.
Deleted/Lost File RecoveryRecovery files that either you or a program have deleted, including files deleted by viruses.
Corrupted Partition RecoveryRecover data from partitions that have been corrupted, accidentally deleted or formatted.
Deleted Partition RecoveryRecover deleted or lost data volumes.
Bootable USB DeviceConfigure a USB device to boot your system for file recovery in case there's an issue with your boot partition.Sold separately
Recovery CDCreate a bootable recovery CD to help you access your files in case there's an issue with your boot partition.Sold separately
CloningCreate a disk image of your entire HD or a specific partition, which can be for recovery scanning or transferring your data to a new HD.Sold separately
External Recovery

External Drive RecoveryRecover data from external hard drives.
Removable Media RecoveryRecover data from corrupted USB flash drives, memory sticks, etc.
SD Card RecoveryRecover data from SD cards.
Optical Storage RecoveryRecover content from scratched or burned CDs/DVDs.
RAID RecoveryRecovery data from RAID storage systems.

Live ChatTalk to directly tech support through a browser.

While the feature list looks impressive, there are some noticeable things missing. Some of these are available through separate software packages available from EaseUS. These features include the ability to clone your hard drive and create a bootable disc or USB for when a computer won’t start at all.

Other features that aren’t offered at all by EaseUS include the ability to add new recoverable file types and the ability to recover data from optical storage (CDs, DVDs).

As far as supported file types, EaseUS covers all of the basics:

  • Documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Ogg
  • Videos: MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, WMV
  • Archives: Zip, Gzip, RAR, Stuffit

Supported file systems include:

  • Windows: FAT, NTFS
  • Mac: HFS, HFS+
  • Removable Storage: ExFat

Recovery Process

95% – Excellent

Next, we examine the general recovery process using Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Windows. The overall experience with the Mac version of the software is similar. Once the application opens, step one requires picking a scan location.

You can choose to scan your desktop, Windows libraries, a specific partition or an external drive. If you’re dealing with a non-mounting or deleted partition, Data Recovery Wizard will display those, too, by pulling information from the partition table. Unlike most data recovery tools, you don’t need to run a full hard drive scan first.

Beyond that, the choices are a bit more limited here than we’d like. With Stellar Phoenix, for example, you can pick the type of file you want to scan for or indicate a specific folder. Doing so lets you limit how long the total scan takes to run.

There’s also no option with EaseUS to scan the entire hard drive. Pick the partition you want to work with and hit “scan.” Data Recovery Wizard will automatically execute a quick scan then launch a deep scan. While scanning, the program displays a progress bar at the top of the application, along with a countdown of how much time it remains before completion.

You can browse and preview files before the scan completes, as they’re recovered or wait until it’s over. The preview capability helps, since recovered files are given generic names, as with most data recovery tools for Windows. However, a file size cap of 100MB limits its usefulness.

Once the scan has completed, you can browse content by file tree, file category (graphics, audio, document, video, email, other) and search for files. Search is handy because you can search for a specific file type by searching for an extension (.txt, .jpg).

Content that you’ve personally deleted will be in the “recycle bin” folder. Content that deleted via other means, such as a program, can be found in a special folder marked, “more lost files (RAW).”

Recovering content is simple. Just click the checkbox beside the file name, hit the “recover” button and select a recovery location. That location must be a separate partition or drive, and you may choose an external drive.


80% – Good

To find how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard stacked up against the competition, we executed some basic recovery tests during our review process. Basic deleted file recovery testing was run on a 518GB, NTFS-formatted partition with 379GB of used space. For this testing, three test files were created and deleted: a Word document, a .jpg file and an .mp4 video.

We also tested recovery of a 10GB test partition that we created, loaded with data and deleted.

Have a look at our results:

Quick Scan (500GB Partition)2 seconds
Deep Scan (500 GB Partition)1 hour, 45 minutes
Full HD Scan (1TB)Not an option
Word Doc Recovered
Video File Recovered
Image File Recovered
Recovered Deleted Partition

Data Recovery Wizard’s quick scan runs in just a few seconds. The results that came back were limited, though. The scan seems to only check to see if there’s any recently deleted content it can recover. Most quick scans build out entire directory structures of intact files, as well.

It’s okay that Data Recovery Wizard is different.

It just means EaseUS took a different approach in building its quick scan algorithm. The real test of how thorough a data recovery tool performs lies in its deep scan results. The deep scan completed in under two hours. That’s faster than average and still returned everything we were looking for.

Customer Support

90% – Excellent

EaseUS might be the best overall data recovery tool when it comes to support. The service offers a thorough knowledge base that includes a downloadable user manual, searchable support articles and video tutorials. The biggest plus, though, is the inclusion of live chat support.

That’s an advantage you won’t find with low-end data recovery services.

Live chat, available during business hours, will put you in almost immediate contact with a service representative. Outside of business hours, you can send EaseUS an email. The service promises to get back to you within two hours, and we found that promise held even on weekends.

Unfortunately, the telephone support channel is for pre-sales inquiries, not tech support. However, it’s often easier to communicate technical issues via text than talking, anyway. You can also send EaseUS technical support an email directly from the desktop tool by clicking the “more” icon in the overhead toolbar, then selecting, “contact technical support.”

Final Thoughts

While the experience isn’t perfect, we came away impressed after spending a little too much time playing with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The deep scan performed wasn’t quite as thorough as some services judging by the total files found, but it returned all the files we were looking for.

The ability to recover data from HDDs, SSDs, RAID storage, servers and even optical drives makes it a flexible tool. Complimentary cloning software is also nice, even if it’s a separate application.

In fact, the solution is so comprehensive, if you’re an IT professional, there’s little question in our minds that the EaseUS data recovery lineup will make it an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review.

An impressive piece of data recovery software that will even impress IT professionals looking to sharpen their edge, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of our top recommendations.
Starts from$ 39 95Lifetime
Visit EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review.

An impressive piece of data recovery software that will even impress IT professionals looking to sharpen their edge, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of our top recommendations.
Starts from$ 39 95Lifetime
Visit EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Starts from$ 39 95Lifetime
Visit EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Fast and thorough scans
  • External drive recovery
  • Removable media recovery
  • Cloning
  • RAID recovery
  • Live chat support
  • Lifetime License
  • Can't scan by file type
  • Can't scan full HD
  • No optical media recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard