CrashPlan is one of the most highly rated backup companies in the United States. Like any other storage provider, it is not necessarily the best choice for everyone, but it is often considered in comparisons of services. To help new subscribers, we are offering a CrashPlan coupon to lower the initial cost so you can test the waters.

What Is the CrashPlan Coupon for 2016?

CrashPlan is already an inexpensive choice for those who want a full system backup. Users can get unlimited storage for around $5 a month if you choose a yearly contract. However, we invite you to take advantage of this Crashplan offer code to get a discount on your new service.

Is CrashPlan Any Good? Is It Worth Buying?

CrashPlan is an affordable way to save all your important files. It offers a full online backup that is easy to set up and use for most users. This service offers unlimited storage, which is a plus for consumers with a large hard drive.

Unlike some of its competitors, CrashPlan automatically finds files and ensures proper backup. It also automatically finds movie extensions—which some competitors do not do. This service also allows users to exclude files based on the extension and offers a full backup of email.

While it may be a little slow during the initial upload, the service costs only around $5 a month on a month-to-month contract ($5.99 a month for those with a yearly plan). The low cost and automatic backups make it worth buying if you want a solid plan.

Crashplan File Restore

Is CrashPlan Easy to Use?

This backup service is designed to be simple to use. It has easy-to-follow screens, which are perfect for someone who has limited experience in setting up an online backup. Several features also appeal to advanced users.

With that said, it is not user-friendly for someone who is completely computer-illiterate. While it is more user-friendly than other services, it may still be frustrating for those who have no idea what they are supposed to do.

Is CrashPlan Like Dropbox?

CrashPlan is an online backup utility; Dropbox is a file storage service. While the two may sound alike, they are completely different.

CrashPlan is designed to be a backup in case files are lost or damaged. Unlike Dropbox, it does not offer file sharing, music streaming, photo sharing, or file collaboration. However, the service allows users to access their files via a mobile device and the Internet if they so choose.

Also, unlike Dropbox, CrashPlan does not sync across multiple devices—though it can perform a continuous backup.

Is CrashPlan Really Secure?

CrashPlan employs 128-bit SSL encryption during transfer and on idle mode. Users can also set their own encryption key of either 128-bit or 448-bit if they want. However, if the user sets an encryption key and loses it, there is no way for CrashPlan employees to recover the passcode or unlock the account.

CrashPlan is ISO 27001–certified, with SSAE 15 attestations. Its data centers are monitored around-the-clock to prevent intrusion.

Is CrashPlan the Best?

This service offers truly unlimited storage, even in its family plans. While there are no limitations to the file size or overall account size, other restrictions are in place. For one, this service doesn’t offer file sharing or collaboration tools.

CrashPlan has pretty good security as well. However, the service is content with allowing a weak password to be used (which users must keep in mind). While it is easy to use, it might not be one of the simplest in the market.

Overall, CrashPlan is one of the best in the market for backup. Still, it is important to remember that not all cloud storage plans work for everyone.

Where Is CrashPlan Data Stored?

CrashPlan has data centers across the United States and around the world. For security purposes, the company chooses not to disclose the actual locations of its sites.

Why Is CrashPlan So Cheap?

CrashPlan keeps costs down due to its ability to limit redundancy across data centers. The data is secured and will be there when needed. However, CrashPlan saves only one copy of everything. Also, the servers do not have specific applications and plugins—which would require expensive updates.

Is CrashPlan Compatible with Mavericks and Mountain Lion?

Mac users: CrashPlan will work for you. Those running Mavericks or Mountain Lion should have no compatibility issues. However, if the system has recently been upgraded to either operating system, you may need to reinstall Java for CrashPlan to work properly. Users whose systems came preloaded with either operating system will have no problem running CrashPlan on their system.

CrashPlan Alternatives

Alternatives to CrashPlan are available should you decide the service is not right for you:

  • Backblaze
  • Carbonite
  • JustCloud

Crashplan Review & Comparison: Unlimited Cloud Data Backup

Crashplan Review & Comparison: Unlimited Cloud Data Backup

CrashPlan is a good choice for those who want a full computer backup. It is truly unlimited and has affordable plans that let you save multiple systems to the same account.