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Cheap online backup services aren’t necessarily bad or low-quality because some inexpensive ones deliver. In this article, we’re going to look at the cloud backup services that work for those on a budget. We’ve picked the cheapest online backup providers from our list of the best online backup solutions.

Your data will be safer if you use a cloud backup service because you can’t be sure when your hard drive will crash or malfunction.

You can use data recovery software to try to recover it, but that’s not a reliable method. You can’t rely on solid-state drives, either, because they experience more data errors, even if their failure rate is less than 1 percent. Many services let you access your backup on the move using a smartphone app, too.

Cheapest Online Backup of 2019

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Starts from $ 458 per month for Unlimited GB
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What Makes the Best Cheapest Online Backup

Cheap backup is better than backing up your files while emptying your wallet. Besides the price, services differ on how much backup space and how many subscription plans they offer. If you’re looking for free backup, read our best free backup article. Those who need unlimited backup should refer to our best unlimited online backup list.

What’s cheap differs from person to person, so we’re going to look at the cheapest online backup solutions overall to make sure we don’t leave anyone hanging. In general, if you subscribe to a year or more upfront, you get a 5 to 10 percent discount.

Subscribing upfront has a downside, though. If you want to change your plan or discontinue it, you’ll have to forget about the money you spent. That’s why you need to be careful when deciding how long you want to commit to a service. You can opt for a monthly subscription plan, which will give you the option to cancel whenever you want, but it will cost more.

Online backup solutions don’t typically have free plans, but they do offer you free trial periods. You should make use of them because they will help you get a feel for the service before subscribing. That’s even more important if you want to be careful with your hard-earned money.

Going for the cheapest solution might mean you get a tiny amount of storage, which won’t do if you need to backup a lot of data. That’s why we’re going to find a balance between the two and recommend services based on that.

Cheapest Online Backup: Backblaze

Backblaze is one of the most popular services and is second on our online backup reviews list. That’s thanks to its ease of use, cheap pricing scheme and unlimited backup space.

There’s only one subscription plan, and it costs $5 per month and provides unlimited storage. Unlike most solutions, Backblaze lets you pay per month instead of for the whole year. Still, if you pay for a year in advance, you’ll get a $10 discount, while going for two years will net you a $25 discount. You can test the service with a 15-day free trial before subscribing.

To find out more about the service and its features, read our Backblaze review.

Starts from $ 458 per month for Unlimited GB
Save 24 %


Carbonite is the closest competitor to Backblaze in terms of value. It offers unlimited storage for a decent price and, depending on the plan you choose, lets you backup multiple computers or servers.

Unlike Backblaze, Carbonite offers three unlimited plans: Basic, Plus and Prime. Basic costs $71.99 a year and provides bare-bones unlimited backup. Plus is the most popular plan and it adds external drive backup and automatic video backup for $111.99 a year. For $149.99 a year, Prime gives you a courier recovery service on top of the rest.

The service lets you backup multiple computers, too. Carbonite Safe Backup Pro starts at $287.99 per year and allows you to backup as many as 25 computers and provides 250GB of backup space.

Before subscribing, you should use the 15-day trial to test the service. If you decide it is a good fit, you can get a 5 percent discount for paying for two years upfront or 10 percent for three.

If you’re interested, read our Carbonite review to learn more about its ease of use, security and more.

Starts from $ 600 per month for Unlimited GB


IDrive tops our best cloud backup comparison list. It’s ranked third here because it doesn’t offer unlimited backup space like Backblaze and Carbonite.

That said, it’s among the better online backup deals thanks to a 2TB plan that costs $52 a year. The other personal plan it offers lets you store 5TB for $75. You also get 2TB or 5TB of sync space, depending on which you choose, making for a total of 4TB or 10TB of space. On top of that, both let you backup unlimited computers.

IDrive Business starts at $75 for unlimited computers and users and provides 250GB of backup space. You can increase the space up to 12.5TB. You can opt for monthly payments on all business plans except for the two cheapest.

Before deciding to subscribe for the long-term, you can use the free plan, which provides 5GB of online backup space.

If you don’t need unlimited space and would prefer to backup unlimited computers, check out our IDrive review to find out more about the service.

Starts from $ 434 per month for 2000 GB
Free plan available


Acronis has been in the backup business since 2003 so it’s no wonder Acronis True Image is one of the best online backup services.

The company differentiates itself right off the bat by offering a lifetime plan. We can’t recommend it, though, because it omits some features.

Its Advanced plan provides 250GB of backup space for $49.99 or 500GB for $69.99. Premium starts at $99.99 for 1TB of backup space and ends at 5TB for $259.95. You can increase the number of computers to backup and the amount of backup space, but that will cost you extra. Acronis is priced higher, but it might save you money if you have multiple computers to backup.

If you’d like to see the prices in a table and learn how fast Acronis True Image is — and it is fast — read our Acronis True Image review. You can use the free 30-day trial to test the service and see if it justifies its price tag.

Starts from $ 417 per month for 250 GB

BigMIND Home

BigMIND Home is a newer online backup solution from the company that created Zoolz Home Backup, and it comes with many features the older service doesn’t.

BigMIND Home doesn’t offer unlimited backup space or backup unlimited computers, but it does have novel features that other services don’t. Read more about those in our BigMIND review.

Its Personal plan costs $2.99 per month, but you have to pay annually and it gives a meager 100GB of backup space for one user and three computers.

The Family plan costs $6.99 a month and gives you 500GB of storage space for three users, nine computers and six mobile devices. It’s a better deal, but it’s probably not enough space for that many users.

You can get 1TB of cloud backup space for $12.99 by subscribing to the Family Plus plan. That’s a decent amount of space, but it’s not the best deal for it. The plan lets you share with four more users across 15 computers and unlimited mobile devices.

You can test BigMIND Home by using the free plan, which gives you 5GB of backup space for one user. It lets you backup one computer, one external drive and two mobile devices.

BigMIND Home doesn’t knock you off your feet with its awesome prices, but it might be a good fit for those who need mobile backup and advanced backup features.

Starts from $ 299 per month for 100 GB
Free plan available

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of online backup services, so thanks to the law of supply and demand the prices aren’t high. You can get unlimited backup for $5 a month with Backblaze. Carbonite is more expensive, but it gives you the option to choose plans that include server backup.

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IDrive is a viable option, too. Its 2TB plan has great value, and you can expand on it if you need more space. Acronis True Image and BigMIND can’t boast with their prices but they can be a good option for the right user.

What do you think about our list of the cheapest online backup services? Did we miss your favorite? Which service do you lean toward? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

Starts from $ 458 per month for Unlimited GB
Save 24 %
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