Do you need to restore an older version of a backed up file? Is there a missing detail or necessary information missing in the newer version? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that restoring an older version of any backed up file is a pretty simple process.

The Restoring Method

The method of restoring backed up files is pretty much universal, however, due to the difference in user interfaces from provider to provider, it may look different.

So please remember to consult your specific online backup and cloud provider’s instructions on how to restore a backed up file’s older version. But for a general overview of the process, stick here with us.

Firstly, open and login into your provider’s desktop or smartphone app, and select the file you’re looking for.

Now, every file should have a timeline attached to it, whether you need to right click, or simply click a tab to gain access to this option, depends on the user interface provided.

However, once you have sighted the backed up file’s timeline, simply scroll to the date or version of the file you’re looking for, and click “restore” or “download”. And that’s it, your older file version should download to the selected destination on your desktop or smart-device.


Congratulations, you have just managed to download a backed up file’s older version from the cloud.

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Feel free to share your thoughts, tips or trick when it comes to restoring backup files, in the comments section below.

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