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Best VPN for Al Jazeera in 2023: Access News From Anywhere

Al Jazeera's style of reporting has won it many followers. However, the service is blocked in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt. We've tested and compiled a list of the best VPNs to help you stream Al Jazeera without any hassle.

Wisdom Sablah
By Wisdom Sablah (Writer)
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Al Jazeera is a controversial but much-beloved news organization, thanks to its non-conformist approach to news and desire to handle topics other media platforms avoid. However, for those same reasons, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel have blocked the news site. To see the news in those countries, you’ll need the best VPN for Al Jazeera.

Key Takeaways: Al Jazeera VPNs

  • Al Jazeera is blocked or unavailable in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Bahrain. To stream the service, you’ll need a VPN.
  • ExpressVPN is the best for streaming Al Jazeera, thanks to its large server network, excellent unblocking ability and fast speeds.
  • NordVPN is a faster alternative, while Surfshark and CyberGhost are much cheaper on the long term plans. Proton VPN offers free servers and no data limits to help you stream Al Jazeera without paying a dime.

With a virtual private network, you can spoof your location to appear as though you’re connecting from another country. That way, no third party, including your ISP, the government or Al Jazeera, can know your actual location. Plus, a VPN will encrypt and anonymize your traffic, ensuring that your data is not at the mercy of any malicious characters.

All VPNs are not created equal. The best VPNs have excellent unblocking ability and robust security features to help you enjoy livestreams, including the Qatar-based Al Jazeera. After testing and reviewing several VPNs, we’ve compiled the five best VPNs for Al Jazeera. Ready? Let’s dive in.

  • 03/09/2023 Facts checked

    Rewrote the article; updated with new list of VPNs and list of countries that block Al Jazeera.

  • Al Jazeera is not blocked in the U.S. However, Al Jazeera America shut down its cable TV and digital operations because of a wide range of issues, including poor viewership, issues with employees and government resistance.

  • No, you don’t have to pay to watch Al Jazeera. Simply go to Al Jazeera’s website or YouTube platform, and you can watch the stream for free.

  • You can watch Al Jazeera’s live broadcast from its website. The stream is also available on Facebook, YouTube and Livestation. If you’re in a country that doesn’t support Al Jazeera, you’ll need a VPN to access the platform.

Top VPNs for Al Jazeera

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    • : PayPal, Credit card, Google Pay, AmazonPay, ACH Transfer, Cash
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What Makes the Best VPN for Al Jazeera?

The best Al Jazeera VPN must have a large server network, fast speeds and solid security features. The following VPNs check all those boxes and more:

  1. ExpressVPN — The overall best Al Jazeera VPN 
  2. NordVPN — Lightning fast VPN with great security features
  3. Surfshark — Cheap and feature-rich VPN
  4. CyberGhost — Easy to use VPN with a large server spread
  5. Proton VPN —  Free VPN with lots of security features 

A large server network should be top of the list when choosing a VPN to watch Al Jazeera. The VPN should have international servers in multiple countries and locations that haven’t blocked Al Jazeera. For instance, the U.K., Germany and Canada and the U.S. have not blocked Al Jazeera’s website — and any VPN worth its salt should have servers in these countries.

Choose a VPN that has fast speeds. This will ensure that you don’t experience intermittent lag while keeping up with the headlines from Al Jazeera or watching beIN Sports, a subsidiary of Al Jazeera. Fast speeds are vital, not just for watching Al Jazeera, but for enjoying other streaming services — including Netflix — as well.

A good Al Jazeera VPN must also have solid security and privacy features. It must encrypt your traffic using the virtually unbreakable AES-256 encryption (or an equivalent cipher).

It should also protect against IP and DNS leaks and have a strict no-logs policy. Since most people access news sites through mobile phones, the VPN should have apps for mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

The 5 Best VPNs for Al Jazeera

In this section, we dig deep into each of our five picks, starting with ExpressVPN. It’s worth noting that all the VPNs on this list have apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS devices. Plus, they all have AES-256 encryption, a kill switch feature and DNS leak protection, and are excellent VPNs for privacy thanks to their strict no-logs policies.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN mobile app
ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming Al Jazeera thanks to its unmatched unblocking ability. 

More details about ExpressVPN:

  • Pricing: $6.66 per month (15-months plan)
  • Provider website:


  • Large server network
  • Excellent unblocking ability
  • Fast download speeds


  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Al Jazeera for several reasons. Based in the British Virgin Islands, it has a massive server network spread across 94 countries. Even more impressive, ExpressVPN’s servers boast unrivaled unblocking ability with streaming platforms. All its servers can get into Al Jazeera and any other streaming service. That’s why it’s the best VPN for streaming, too.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN is exceptionally fast, so you don’t have to worry about any snags while streaming. Its apps are user-friendly and easy to set up, so you should have no problems finding your way around if you’re a beginner. Read our ExpressVPN review to learn about all it’s capable of.

Excellent Choice for Streaming on Smart TVs

If you’re interested in watching Al Jazeera on your smart TV, ExpressVPN is a no-brainer. It’s the best VPN for smart TVs, allowing you to install ExpressVPN directly on smart TVs that have access to the Google Play Store. Another option is to use ExpressVPN’s smart DNS feature to unblock Al Jazeera on your smart TV.

You can install ExpressVPN manually on many routers. That way, your VPN protection can cover all devices connected to that router. There’s also ExpressVPN Aircove, a router that comes with ExpressVPN pre-installed.

expressvpn homepage
ExpressVPN is a good choice for streaming Al Jazeera on smart TVs. 

Price-wise, ExpressVPN is on the expensive side. Its monthly plan is expensive at $12.95. Its six-month plan is not cheap either, costing $9.99 per month. Your best bet is the annual plan, costing $6.66. Regardless of which plan you choose, if you don’t like the service, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn app
NordVPN is a lightning-fast VPN that can unblock Al Jazeera. 

More details about NordVPN:

  • Pricing: $3.49 per month (two-year plan)
  • Provider website:


  • Massive server spread
  • Lightning fast
  • Excellent security features


  • High latency on faraway servers

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are often neck and neck, as you can read on our ExpressVPN vs NordVPN comparison. NordVPN has servers dotted across six continents in 60 countries. The bulk of its servers are in Europe and the Americas, which have many locations that don’t block Al Jazeera. Plus, the servers have excellent unblocking ability.

In terms of security features, NordVPN has a suite of specialty servers, including double VPN servers, which add extra protection by routing your traffic through two servers. It also has obfuscated servers, which are helpful in restrictive countries since they hide the fact that you’re using a VPN. You can learn more about NordVPN’s advanced security features in our NordVPN review.

Lightning-fast Speeds for Streaming

NordVPN’s biggest strength is its speed. It’s currently the fastest VPN around, boasting download speeds which are excellent for streaming Al Jazeera, or anything else. NordVPN is great for online gaming, and you can expect to watch Al Jazeera’s news and documentaries without the slightest lag or interruption.

NordVPN’s package includes a malware detector and an ad blocker to help you stream Al Jazeera safely.

At $11.99, NordVPN’s monthly plan is expensive. The one-year plan softens the blow significantly, costing $4.99 per month. If you purchase NordVPN for two years, the price costs $3.49 per month. If you’re not satisfied with NordVPN’s service, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

3. Surfshark

hinge surfshark
Surfshark is an affordable option for watching Al Jazeera’s live broadcasts. 

More details about Surfshark:

  • Pricing: $2.49 per month (two-year plan)
  • Provider website:


  • Large server network
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Relatively highly latencies

There’s a lot to like about Surfshark for unblocking Al Jazeera. It has servers in 100 countries and counting. Just like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, its servers are primarily in Europe and the Americas — ideal server locations for unblocking and accessing daily Al Jazeera live broadcasts.

As you can see in our Surfshark review, it’s a feature-rich VPN. Examples include CleanWeb, which can block ads and malware while you’re watching Al Jazeera. The NoBorders mode can help you quickly find servers that are configured to outwit restrictions. There’s also a camouflage mode, which hides the fact that you’re using a VPN from prying eyes.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Surfshark is the best option if you use multiple devices or want to share your VPN connection with friends and family. This is because it allows you to share one subscription with an unlimited number of devices. As a result, you can stream Al Jazeera on as many devices as you want and even share the subscription with others.

surfshark homepage
Surfshark offers a large server network and many security features to enable you to unblock and enjoy Al Jazeera. 

Surfshark is one of the cheapest VPNs. True, the monthly plan is just as expensive as ExpressVPN’s, but the one-year plan is $3.99 per month. Surfshark’s cheapest plan is the two-year plan, which costs $2.49 per month. All Surfshark plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it’s easy to get a refund.

4. CyberGhost

cyberghost app
CyberGhost has servers in over 91 countries, most of which are good for streaming Al Jazeera. 

More details about CyberGhost:


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Dedicated streaming servers


  • Slow

Next on our list is CyberGhost, another one of our favorites here at Cloudwards. If you’re new to VPNs and looking for an easy-to-use option to access Al Jazeera, CyberGhost is a good pick. It’s a beginner-friendly VPN with a collection of top-draw servers in 91 countries. These servers are spread across various places, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In terms of security features, CyberGhost has an ad and malware blocker, a wide range of protocols to offer you a good mix of speed and security, and a dedicated IP address service to help you avoid blocklists.

The one blotch on CyberGhost’s record is that it’s not as fast as the other VPNs on this list. You can read further about CyberGhost’s features and performance in our CyberGhost review.

Customizable Apps

CyberGhost is a beginner-friendly VPN, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and automation features. It has an advanced automation feature known as smart rules, which enables you to automate specific actions. For example, you can set CyberGhost to connect to a server that can unblock Al Jazeera and open Al Jazeera’s app or website for you afterward.

get cyberghost
CyberGhost’s two-year plan is a cheap yet effective option for streaming Al Jazeera. 

CyberGhost’s monthly plan ($12.99) is expensive. It has a six-month plan which costs $6.99 per month. It doesn’t have a yearly plan, but there’s a two-year plan which costs $2.37 per month. There’s a 45-day money-back guarantee on CyberGhost’s longer plans, though it drops to 14 days on the monthly plan.

5. Proton VPN

protonvpn android app us
Proton VPN offers unlimited bandwidth for accessing Al Jazeera streams anywhere in the world. 

More details about ProtonVPN:

  • Pricing: Free, $4.99 per month (two-year plan)
  • Provider website:


  • Free VPN servers
  • Unblocks Al Jazeera
  • Excellent security features


  • Free users get slower servers
  • No obfuscated servers
  • No Mac/iOS split tunneling

Proton VPN snags the last spot as the best Al Jazeera VPN, mainly because of its excellent free service. It’s currently the best free VPN because it offers unlimited data on three server locations: Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.

The only disadvantage to Proton VPN’s free plan is that users get slower speeds. This means that you might experience lag and delays while keeping tabs on the world through Al Jazeera. For faster speeds and a larger server network, opt for the paid plan, which will give you access to servers in 67 countries.

However, even on the paid plan, it doesn’t have obfuscated servers, which are helpful for hiding your VPN in countries that censor the internet.

Secure Your Traffic Using the NetShield Feature

Proton VPN offers NetShield, a useful malware and ad blocker. It can protect you from URLs that have dangerous files, including malware and spyware. It’s great at warding off ads, which can disrupt your Al Jazeera streaming experience. NetShield also keeps trackers at bay, helping you protect your privacy. There’s more about NetShield in our Proton VPN review.

ProtonVPN for security
Proton VPN is a useful, free VPN that can help you watch your favorite Al Jazeera shows. 

If you decide you want a paid Proton VPN plan over the free plan, the monthly price costs $9.99. However, at $5.99 per month, the one-year plan is relatively expensive. The two-year plan costs $4.99 per month. All plans are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Livestream Al Jazeera From Anywhere

Setting up a VPN to stream Al Jazeera is a breeze. Below, we highlight the key steps to getting your VPN up and running to access Al Jazeera. We’ll use ExpressVPN as the example, but these same steps apply to any other VPN service.

  1. Download and Install a VPN

    Visit ExpressVPN’s website (or your VPN of choice) or your device’s app store to find the right VPN app software. Download and install the VPN.

    expressvpn apps
  2. Launch the VPN App and Connect to a Server That Unblocks Al Jazeera

    After opening the app, look for a server that can unblock Al Jazeera; for example, the United States.

    Expressvpn usa dallas
  3. Stream Al Jazeera’s Live Broadcast

    Go to Al Jazeera’s website or app and enjoy the content.

    al jazeera live broadcast

Why Do I Need a VPN for Al Jazeera?

Qatar-based Al Jazeera has been around since 1996 and has built a reputation as a daring platform that covers stories many other channels avoid. Al Jazeera’s approach has drawn the ire of many governments and organizations, leading to the service being restricted or blocked entirely.

The news organization has been accused of all kinds of things, from biased journalism to anti-Israel reporting. So far, the following countries have blocked Al Jazeera:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Jordan
  • Israel

If you are in any of these countries, you’ll need a VPN to access Al Jazeera. A VPN can change your virtual location and make it seem like you’re in another country. For instance, you might be in Jordan, but you can connect to a VPN server in Berlin and access Al Jazeera as though you were in Germany.

Aside from spoofing your location, a VPN also encrypts and anonymizes your traffic. This makes it hard for any third party, including government agencies and your ISP, to connect your activity to your IP address.

Final Thoughts

Al Jazeera has been blocked in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan. If you are in any of those countries, or you simply want to anonymize and encrypt your traffic while watching Al Jazeera, you’ll need a VPN to access content.

ExpressVPN does the job best. It has a large server network to help you access local and global content, excellent security features, and fast speeds to keep up with the headlines on Al Jazeera.

NordVPN is a great alternative, thanks to its lightning-fast speeds and solid security features. If you’re on a tight budget, Surfshark is a good choice, offering lots of features at an affordable price. For beginners, we recommend CyberGhost, owing to its easy-to-use interface and automation features. If you’re not ready to pay a dime, Proton VPN offers a free plan to help you stream Al Jazeera.

Have you tried using a reliable VPN to access Al Jazeera or any other news platform? Which VPNs worked and which ones did not? Did you face any lag or hitches while streaming? Share your experiences and opinions with us in the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading.

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