Best Cloud Storage for External Hard Drives 2018

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Looking for a safe home to offload your precious hard drive’s payload? Then welcome to’s top five cloud storage services for external HDDs.

Where we’ll introduce you to a selection of services that excel at the job of providing secondary storage space for an external hard drive. 

The way humans interact with data information has changed rapidly over the last five years; what used to be thought of as a futuristic technology, has become absolutely mainstream today. In the past, we had to use physical media devices, such as floppy disks, flash drives, CDs, DVDs and external hard drives.

None of which provide any remote accessibility features, or redundancy, in case of hardware failure.So instead of only keeping local copies of your data, how about mounting a cloud service as a virtual drive? It’ll offer much greater protection and accessibility.

Cloud storage offers a wide variety of benefits, so let’s dig into the valuable benefits it has on offer.

Best Cloud Storage for External Hard Drives 2018

  • Sync Folder
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing
  • Versioning
PlanBackupBriefcasePro Suite
Price Plan
$ 8 00monthly
$ 80 00yearly
$ 16 00monthly
$ 160 00yearly
$ 25 00monthly
$ 250 00yearly
Storage Unlimited GB 2000 GB Unlimited GB

Unlimited backup space for 1 PC.

2TB cloud storage for sync across multiple devices.

5TB cloud storage for sync across multiple devices, plus unlimited backup storage for a maximum of 5 PCs. Allows FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access.

ReviewVisit Livedrive
  • Sync Folder
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing
  • Versioning
PlanFreePremiumPremium Plus
Price Plan
$ 4 99monthly
$ 47 88yearly
$ 175 00Lifetime
$ 9 99monthly
$ 95 88yearly
$ 350 00Lifetime
Storage 10 GB 500 GB 2000 GB
ReviewVisit pCloud
  • Sync Folder
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing
  • Versioning
PlanFreePersonal 2TBPersonal 5TBBusiness 250GBBusiness 500GBBusiness 1.25TB
Price Plan
$ 52 12yearly
$ 104 252 years
$ 74 62yearly
$ 149 252 years
$ 74 62yearly
$ 149 252 years
$ 149 62yearly
$ 299 252 years
$ 374 62yearly
$ 749 252 years
Storage 5 GB 2000 GB 5000 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1250 GB
ReviewVisit IDrive
  • Sync Folder
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing
  • Versioning
Price Plan
$ 9 95monthly
$ 99 95yearly
$ 39 95monthly
$ 399 95yearly
Storage 2 GB 1000 GB 2000 GB

100MB max file size.

2GB file size limit.

25GB file size limit.

ReviewVisit ElephantDrive
  • Sync Folder
  • File Link Sharing
  • Folder Sharing
  • Versioning
PlanFreePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price Plan
$ 5 94monthly
$ 59 53yearly
$ 11 90monthly
$ 118 96yearly
$ 23 80monthly
$ 238 04yearly
$ 35 71monthly
$ 299 90yearly
Storage 15 GB 200 GB 500 GB 2000 GB 4000 GB

Earn more free storage with an incentive program, although rewards expire after a certain period.

1TB Bandwidth.

2TB Bandwidth.

4TB Bandwidth.

8TB Bandwidth.

ReviewVisit MEGA

The Benefits of Cloud Storage for External Hard Drives

Just about any competent cloud storage service is going to provide a web app, accompanied by desktop and mobile software as well. Many times, cloud storage services employ a shared folder mechanism, any files copied into the shared folder, automatically become synced to all of a user’s devices.

However, the best way to ensure that files are up-to-date, across all your devices, is to use a service that can be mounted to your file system, just like a physical drive. Furthermore, this method removes the burden of having to manage backups.

Since data ‘lives’ in the cloud, there’s nothing a user needs to do to maintain redundancy. Even if your cloud storage provider of choice suffers a hardware failure, don’t worry, they do keep data backed up in multiple data-centers, to aid in disaster recovery.

And if you’re concerned about security, keep in mind that all your data gets encrypted with zero-knowledge encryption.


Livedrive isn’t particularly terrific, but they have made significant improvements over the past few years, to better serve users. Livedrive is ideal for users who want files to exist solely through synchronization, or on a web drive, and users will find to be feature rich.

Unfortunately, the interface isn’t nearly as clean as we would like, but they do offer handy ancillary features such as a media streaming. Other key features of the service include unlimited backups (regardless of the number of files you have) and secure data transfers to multiple data centers for disaster recovery.

Other Reasons Why We Like Livedrive

Livedrive isn’t just a cloud storage service, they have some great backup features too. It also offers more sophisticated file transfer protocols, like WebDAV, FTP and NAS Backup.

Last but not least, it also detects changes in files and backs them up as you work, so you don’t have to worry about manually controlling the backup process.

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pCloud is another great option for users wishing to use cloud storage as a mounted drive, or simply want to enjoy 20GB of free storage space.

One of pCloud's most attractive assets is the fact that they’re cheaper than most other providers — start at $3.99 a month. Their file sharing and syncing features are a little watered down and lack a high degree of flexibility, but they do provide the ability to create download/upload links for individual files or folders.

Other Reasons Why We Like pCloud 

If you wish to test their service out before making a purchase, pCloud offers 10GB of free storage space. That’s expandable to 20GB of free storage space, via their referral program.

cloud storage solutions for your business

As opposed to Livedrive, we were pleased with the cleanliness of their user interface and last but not least, pCloud doesn’t have an annoying cap on file-size limits (unlike many of their competitors)

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IDrive’s is a very useful service that’s geared more towards backup, rather than being an all-in-one cloud storage service. Still, its top-notch external hard drive handling capabilities have managed to put it on our top five list.

Users can ‘mount’ IDrive as a cloud drive on their computer, which mirrors the effect of a local storage device or an external hard drive — but as a cloud drive. Better yet, IDrive provides features such as file syncing and sharing, and as users might expect, of course, they encrypt data as it is in-transit to their storage servers.

Other Reasons Why We Like IDrive

We liked how they offer 5GB of free storage without requiring any payment card details. Though, 5GB isn’t adequate to backup most people’s files.

Try using IDrive Express if you need to haul off large amounts of data, for safekeeping and recovery. Nevertheless, a one-year subscription makes the monthly price just $3.72 per month, but please note that IDrive lack an option for monthly payments.

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ElephantDrive is a decent cloud storage and online backup service, that can backup multiple computers and NAS devices as well.  People new to cloud storage, cloud backup and file syncing should consider using ElephantDrive, because it’s simple-to-use and comes with NAS backup as well.

Multiple computer owners should be pretty happy too, because ElephantDrive can sync files across multiple machines, utilizing the combination of cloud backup and file synchronization; allowing us to keep everything under control using one service.

Other Reasons Why We Like ElephantDrive 

Your ElephantDrive account can get mapped to a hard drive, which shows up as a new lettered drive and provides access to files directly from the HDD.

Speaking of files, they’re encrypted with military-grade AES encryption, using a 256-bit key.  Files get protected in-transit and at-rest, plus users can also opt to select a private encryption key if they so desire.

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MEGA is the best solution for tons of free storage (or tons of very cheap storage). A fact it compliments with great security features, decent usability, and speed.

MEGA offers 50GB of free storage right off the bat, and the Pro version starts at only $9.99 per month and comes with 500GB of storage space, that gets combined with 1TB of transfer space.

Apart from good speeds and a lot of storage space with which to create a secondary home for your external HDD, MEGA also offers AES encryption protocols and doesn’t store passwords, or master keys.

Other Reasons Why We Like MEGA 

MEGA is one of the few cloud storage providers that supports arcane or little known mobile platforms like Windows Mobile and Blackberry, alongside Android and iOS, of course.

MEGA is an entirely web-based application, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your needs.

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Keeping local copies of your data on external hard drives, and another type of physical media is still a great option, for an active added layer of extra protection. However, note that some providers will even send hard copies of backed up data upon request, like IDrive does.

But cloud storage is the best solution for making reliable off-shore storage havens of your data, and gain the ability to access it from anywhere in the world. Lastly, remember that mounting a cloud service as a virtual drive is by far, the easiest way to backup and sync data among all of your devices.

What did you think of our top five selections? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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  1. 3-31-2017
    Very interesting information.
    However, a comparison between the various backup companies (Backblaze, etc.) would be extremely welcome. ASAP, if possible.

    Same for antivirus companies, (ESET, etc.)

  2. Thanks for this! I just downloaded Livedrive and chose my external hard drive as the location…and it says I can’t choose a removable drive or read-only drive as the location! Urgent help please since I have 14 days to cancel the subscription if necessary!!

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