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Best Apps for Slack in 2023: The Top Slack Integrations

Slack shot to prominence as a remote communication app over the pandemic. Knowing what third-party apps to connect can optimize your use. Here, we go over the top Slack integrations for you to consider.

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By Beatrice Manuel (Writer)
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Slack is a team collaboration tool that has risen in popularity over the last few years. It helps make group communication easier, more efficient and more productive. What’s more, with the growing power of integrations, knowing the best apps for Slack can make all the difference in your team’s productivity. Thankfully, our team of expert reviewers is here to save the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Slack is one of the best remote collaboration and communication softwares available in the market today. 
  • Using Slack integrations can take existing workflows for Slack teams to the next level by ensuring better communication and task prioritization. 
  • There are both free and paid Slack integrations available, depending on the level of features you want to unlock for your team. 
  • The Slack app directory contains all integrations that are verified by Slack itself. However, you can also install third-party Slack apps from external websites if you want to. 

There are currently more than 2,000 integrations available for Slack users to incorporate into their team’s workspace. These integrations can help Slack users work smarter and faster by streamlining team sharing and organization. However, Slack integrations might be confusing if you don’t know which ones to start with, let alone what you need. 

Keep reading to find out how Slack integrations work and learn about 16 top integrations you can start using today. Alternatively, check out our best project management software roundup, if you’re looking for something meatier.

  • Slack has over 2,000 integrations available to its users. You can check which apps integrate through Slack’s database.

  • Search for the app you want to add on the Slack app directory. Then click “add to Slack” and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

  • Slack apps can help you optimize your communication and productivity workflow with your remote team. If you’re looking for the best Slack apps for productivity, you’re sure to find one that suits your team’s specific internal processes.

What Makes the Best Apps for Slack & How Do They Work?

Slack is the go-to communication platform for businesses with employees spread out all over the world. It stands to reason that integrating Slack with other apps can make any job run more smoothly, from sales to HR.

Integrations connect different apps with Slack, seamlessly sharing information between them. You can access these integrations directly from the Slack application, typically using slash commands. 

For example, if you have a project management tool like Asana or Trello, you can use its integration with Slack to report progress updates and make comments on those tasks via direct message. Instead of having several different apps open at once and navigating between them (like an email client, a project management tool and a chat app), all those functions are available in one place.

When you’re determining which apps to integrate into your workspace, ask yourself a few questions, like What does this integration do? Is it something I need or want? Does it fit the needs of my team?

It’s also important to ask yourself how frequently you’ll use it, as this can help you decide whether you want to invest in the integration or go with freemium models. Consider whether the integration is going to add new functionality that you didn’t have access to before, and whether it’s an improvement over what you already have.

Also, keep in mind that some integrations can be added directly through the Slack app directory. Others require installation from a third-party site. We tested each of the tools we recommend, so you can rest assured that they work.

The 16 Best Apps for Slack

Slack is an incredible tool. It can facilitate communication, keep everyone on the same page and increase productivity. No matter the size of your company or the amount of information you need to share with your coworkers, Slack has an app for it. 

Below, we’ve gone ahead and organized various Slack integrations by the type of function they help with. From project management to team culture tools, here’s everything you’ll need to take your Slack workspace to the next level.

Project Management & Visualization Tools

While there are many things you can do with Slack, it’s especially useful for its integrations with project management tools. There’s no need to log in to a separate program or website to check your team’s progress — just scroll through the channel in Slack where you have the integration set up to see what everyone is working on.

These tools can immediately report and record any progress made during the day, and provide notifications if someone on the team asks a question or adds something to a task. Here are some of our favorite project management integrations.

1. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular project management platforms, used by businesses of all sizes to create and assign tasks.

asana slack integration
Stay ahead of your deadlines and deliver your projects smoothly with Asana through Slack.

With the Asana-Slack integration, you can create tasks and manage them from Slack without even leaving the app. The integration gives you the functionality to assign tasks, change the status and assignee details and manage due dates.

You can convert a Slack message into a task directly, or get notifications and updates for important tasks as messages on your Slack account. The integration also allows you to connect a project on Asana with a dedicated Slack channel for more streamlined collaboration and communication.

If your team is already making use of Asana as part of its workflows, it only makes sense to pair it with your Slack operations and save time. Get started with the Asana integration by signing up for a free trial.

2. Trello

Are you a fan of kanban-style organization? Then you’ve surely heard of Trello, a project management solution that uses kanban boards to divide projects and assignments. 

trello slack integration
Reinvent your kanban efficiency with Trello’s Slack integration today.

With the Trello-Slack integration, you won’t have to open your browser to gain the benefits of visual collaboration. You can use “/trello add” to add Trello cards directly to your boards from Slack.

The command “@trello” can also be used to leverage automation on Slack. You’ll save time by directly joining boards and cards, editing card information and dates directly, and you can also invite Slack members directly into Trello without leaving the app.

Kanban-based workflows have become very popular with remote teams in the last couple years. Trello is a great tool for this purpose and the integration gives you the chance to make the best use of the cards and real-time chat. You can sign up for a free Trello account and get the Trello integration for free here.

3. Lucidspark

Lucidspark is a visual collaboration tool that teams can use to brainstorm new ideas. The Slack integration can get more team members involved for collaboration on a broader scale.

lucidspark slack integration
Take your virtual whiteboards to the Slack-level through this integration.

Larger teams often have an affinity for whiteboard tools. With the Lucidspark integration, you can get Slack notifications for your whiteboards, get an inside peek at shared links through preview thumbnails and initiate real-time brainstorming sessions through Slack shortcuts.

The integration also has great functions for team members by allowing you to share Lucidspark boards with relevant team members and inviting Lucidspark members to Slack and vice versa. 

Visual collaboration tools are on the rise and are a great way to move away from formulaic, documentation-heavy workflows to more creative and innovative brainstorming formats. Make the best of the Lucidspark integration with Slack for free here

Remote Meeting Tools

It’s not exactly a secret that remote work is becoming more common, especially for companies with global footprints. Remote work offers many benefits, including improved productivity and flexibility for employees and cost savings for employers. 

It can be difficult to communicate effectively in a remote work environment. Slack can help you stay on top of your meetings with integrations for virtual conferences, team huddles and one-on-one catch-ups. 

In the sea of remote meeting tools, it can be hard to find one that fits your needs exactly — but not to worry. Here are three of the best Slack apps for remote teams that you can try out today.

4. Cisco Webex Meetings

Are you having a hard time scheduling meetings? Maybe you have a long, winding Slack thread that could be resolved with a quick voice or video chat. The Cisco Webex integration lets you schedule a meeting directly from Slack.

cisco webex meetings integration
Schedule meetings anytime, from anywhere, with this integration.

You don’t have to break your head figuring out time zones for other teammates either, as the app directly converts times for each Slack member.

With the integration, you can view meeting attendance from Slack in real time and go through your upcoming meetings to manage your calendar. You can also share recordings of previous calls or meetings for reference with your channel. If that all sounds good to you, you can get the Cisco Webex integration here.

5. Zoom

If you’re part of the remote workforce and haven’t heard of Zoom, you must be living under a rock. Zoom has become a must-have for most work-from-home teams, especially during the pandemic. 

zoom slack integration
Zoom is one of the most popular remote meeting apps available for Slack integrations.

With the integration, users can start instant calls with team members and share their screen for better collaboration without even leaving the app. Users can also leverage the “/zoom” command to automate meeting scheduling and share team member availability by linking to user calendars. 

If Zoom is your go-to application for video meetings and calls, integrating it with Slack will make your life easier. Get the Zoom integration here.

6. Loom

Sometimes hopping on calls isn’t your style, or you have something to share with a team member that doesn’t require a call, like an instructional video. That’s when Loom is a great sister integration to have with Zoom.

loom slack integration
Take your Slack conversations to a more visual level with Loom videos.

Loom comes in super handy for quick demos and training content. It also enhances day-to-day interaction without you having to hop on regular calls. 

With the Loom integration, you can start a Loom recording directly from the Slack app and embed Loom videos in Slack. Users can set permissions for Loom videos so you can share them with both public and private Slack channels. The integration also automates Loom notifications so the whole Slack conversation stays organized over text and video call logs.

Having a screen-recording app saves a lot of time in the long run as you can avoid the hassle of getting on calls. Considering using it? Get the Loom integration here.

Google Workspace Tools

The Google Workspace platform is a great tool for any business, but it can’t do everything. In order to fill in the gaps and make the most of collaboration tools on your Slack workspace, you need the right integrations.

With Slack’s Google Workspace integrations, you can schedule meetings directly from your Slack messages and chat about your agenda and meeting details without having to leave the app. You can also share, edit and manage your files. 

This is a big help for keeping conversations focused and avoiding the distraction of pulling up another application. So, without further ado, here are three of the top Google Workspace integrations for Slack.

7. Google Drive

If you belong to a remote team, we’ll bet money that your team leverages Google Drive in one way or another. 

google drive slack integration
Google Workspace’s Drive integration makes sharing files and important messages easier.

Google Drive is used by many teams (remote and otherwise) as a cloud storage space. Features include shareable Google Drive files, collaboration through comments and searching for documents in various formats. 

What the Google Drive integration can do for you includes directly sharing and managing file access permissions from Slack. It also automates update notifications on Slack for important files. Team members can collaborate by replying to comments on Google Drive files from the Slack chat thread.

You can avoid the hassle of searching on Drive and instead search for your Google Drive files on Slack itself. The integration also allows you to create and import new files including Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Google Drive is an absolute must-have for many companies. If you’re already using Drive and Slack, it would be a big miss not to use the integration and save yourself some time. Sign up for a free Google Drive account and get the Google Drive integration for free here.

8. Google Calendar

If your team prefers Google Workspace tools to manage their agendas and personal calendars, then the Google Calendar integration is a must. 

google calendar slack integration
Manage your meetings and never be late for the next one with this free and easy integration. 

With this integration, you can keep your virtual teams on the same page no matter where they are in the world.

For example, you can automatically update your Slack status to match your availability and get automatic reminders ahead of meetings and events. See your schedule anytime with the command “/gcal today” or “/gcal tomorrow,” and respond to invites automatically with a yes, no or maybe from the Slack app. Even better, make the best of the Zoom integration and hop on meetings automatically. 

If Google Calendar is your go-to platform for managing your meetings, you can easily integrate it with Slack for free and manage it directly from the app. Get the Google Calendar integration here.

9. Slack for Gmail

No business or team can survive without email in today’s digital world. Gmail is one of the leading providers and its free Slack integration is a must-have.

gmail slack integration 
Keep your conversations flowing, both on and off Slack, with this Gmail integration.

Do you want to integrate long email threads with the real-time chats you have on Slack? This integration might be the best fit for you — especially if you frequently cross-collaborate over both Gmail and Slack.

Its top features include sending your email threads into Slack for easier discussions. You can also send emails to whole channels to formalize communications and ideas, and coordinate responses to customer queries by flagging customer emails on Slack. 

If your team is using both platforms already, why not take advantage of the best of both worlds? Get the Gmail for Slack integration for free here.

Team Culture Tools 

When teams have a strong company culture, they are happier, more productive and less likely to leave.

The most important aspect of running a remote team is keeping everyone coordinated and up to date about what’s happening and where the company is headed. 

Slack does this by letting you create channels for different teams or departments. Everyone in the business can post updates, pictures, videos and GIFs to a channel so everyone else in the company sees them. 

However, sometimes Slack’s features are not enough. You’ll need to go beyond to find the best Slack apps for team-building, which include some fun team culture tool integrations. Here are three great ones, each with their own specialties, so you can keep your team motivated all year-round. 

10. Friday

If you’re running a remote team, regular check-ins can be challenging. Friday is a team communication tool that, paired with your Slack workspace, encourages participation and rewards good work in the absence of regular contact.

friday slack integration
Introduce engaging icebreakers and keep your team morale up with Friday.

Working remotely can also get pretty lonely. It’s essential to find different ways to turn conversations from boring data requests into more engaging experiences for the team.

With Friday, you can set up routine check-ins directly on Slack such as daily stand-up meetings — and share weekly updates with your team, including question prompts and brainstorming topics on your chosen channels.

Integrate fun icebreakers to engage with your team on nonwork topics and encourage team members to set daily to-do lists, which they can share with their team for better transparency. There’s also a Friday planner available for personal productivity which can be integrated with your online calendar. You can get notified on Slack with reminders. 

Friday’s a fun app in many ways but also combines organization with the importance of status updates. Get the integration for free here.

11. Donut

If you’ve been deep in the remote work trenches for a while, you might end up missing those fun chats with your favorite coworker by the water cooler. 

donut slack integration
Missing the water-cooler gossip sesh? Try Donut instead. 

If you want a break, it’s not as easy to swing by your friend’s cubicle to grab a coffee. But with Donut, you get that experience virtually on Slack and you get to know a different coworker every week.

This team socialization app encourages social conversation prompts on Slack channels to promote a friendly work environment. You can initiate remote team lunches and cross-departmental socialization as well as create buddy systems that promote peer-to-peer learning on the Slack workspace.

Take your hiring to the next level by onboarding new hires into your remote workspace faster with effective job shadowing and virtual meal concepts.  

If you’re on the hunt for an app to add some lightness and fun to your Slack workspace while still encouraging your members morale and boosting output, Donut might be the right fit. Get the Donut integration for free here.

12. HeyTaco

Being disconnected (physically) from coworkers can make it harder to celebrate their wins. That’s what the HeyTaco integration aims to fix. 

heytaco slack integration 
Who doesn’t love tacos for team-building?

The app follows a leaderboard concept where top-performing employees are rewarded with virtual tacos. These taco tiers can be associated with different cash prizes or rewards to boost productivity. 

The integration can help foster a positive remote work environment by boosting appreciation and teamwork. Each employee is given five tacos that can be shared directly on Slack with another coworker to reward them for their work and performance. You can also use it to set financial or non-financial incentives to boost employee morale on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is that HeyTaco does have a free trial you can check out before switching to the paid plan of $3 per person per month. Give HeyTaco a whirl here.

Status Update Tools

Businesses run primarily by remote teams need status update tools for their workflow. If you work with outside clients, it’s important to manage projects, communicate project statuses and share progress updates via real-time notifications. 

The concept of status update integrations is simple. Whenever someone wants to update the team about their status on a project, they can simply create an update using their tool of choice, then share that message on Slack. 

The beauty of this approach is that everyone on your internal team has easy access to the same information — you can see what every team member is working on and how far along they are on any given project. And because the updates stay within Slack, you can easily search for them without having to go through other systems.

If status update tools sound like something you need to manage your day-to-day workflows, you might be a little lost on where to get started. Here are two amazing integrations for this purpose.

13. Status Hero

Cut back on time spent updating your status in meetings and emails. Status Hero can give you the updates you need, when you need them.

statushero slack integration
Make sure your team is all caught up on project milestones with this integration.

The Status Hero app itself has integrations with project management and workflow optimization platforms like Asana and Zapier. By integrating it with Slack, your team members can update and report progress on daily goals without leaving Slack. 

Some of its top features include the @statushero Slack bot. The bot can check in with your team on your behalf on a regular basis (you can customize check-in times, frequency and time zones).

You can also get daily updates formatted and broadcast to the appropriate Slack channel with color-coding to represent different statuses. If you choose to, you can receive check-in summaries with the necessary information for next steps and individual goals. You also get filtering options to select which team members get access to Status Hero and set permissions for those you want included on the paid plan.

You can get the 21-day free trial here, after which the integration costs $3 per user per month. 

14. Geekbot

If you have teams requiring very frequent check-ins, daily stand-up meetings and high volumes of reporting, Geekbot is a great integration for both Slack and Microsoft Teams — one of the best Slack alternatives

geekbot slack integration
Keep your team on one page and get analytical reports on their productivity with Geekbot. 

Maybe you’re part of a sales team that needs to hit its monthly targets. Or, you’re in a project team that requires daily huddles and constant real-time updates with other remote colleagues. This integration can be customized for teams, regardless of the nature, to make the best of it. 

Some of its features include automating recurring tasks and stand-up meetings without interfering manually in each employee’s chats. You can also take snapshots of sales reports to know how well your team is performing and get feedback from your team so you know how they’re feeling about their projects. Want to get valuable ideas from your employees? You can tap into the features of a polling app.

You can also schedule private one-on-ones to give well-performing employees an extra push. 

If you’re looking for a free model, there is one available with this third-party integration for up to 10 participants. After that, there are Scale-Up and Enterprise tiers available. Download and explore plans here.

Time Management Tools

Finding time management tools that work for you is an integral part of running a business. Without effective time management, you might find that employees in your distributed teams are struggling to fit in everything they need to do each day, risking burnout.

Time management tools can help remote teams keep up with one another and stay on top of the many tasks they have to complete each day. 

Many teams use Slack as their main communication platform, and Slack has plenty of integrations for time management tools. Here are two great ones.

15. TimeBot

Remote working or not, we all deserve an occasional break from work. That’s what the TimeBot integration is designed for — requesting time off. 

timebot slack integration
Get your next leave approved directly on Slack with the TimeBot app! 

Reporting and scheduling time away from work may not be as easy when remote working. TimeBot eases that inconvenience for your team.

The integration allows managers to approve batch time-off requests for teams in one go. You can also approve or reject time off directly from Slack, review out-of-office time logs of staff and set limits on the number of days off per year for each staff member. Additionally, you can set more than one approver for time-off requests during your own absence. 

For employees, the integration allows them to submit time-off approvals through Slack, know how many days of leave remain unspent at any point in time and view the status of team members and know who is available. Employees can also update Slack status to OOO when on leave and automatically process time-off requests if no approval is needed from a direct manager. 

If you have a huge team, it can be even more challenging to keep track of who’s available and who isn’t. But this integration puts you on the same page as your staff, all through Slack. Get the TimeBot integration for free here.

16. Harvest

Time-tracking might be an essential function of your remote team’s setup. With Harvest, you can automate time-tracking across devices and easily extract your data into timesheets for critical reporting.

harvest slack integration
Get timesheets prepped without even leaving the Slack app with Harvest.

The Harvest app for Slack is compatible across devices and allows you to see how your employees are logging their hours without forcing them to bother with complex spreadsheets. 

With the integration, you can log your hours spent working directly on Slack by starting and stopping the timer when you please. Check to see if your teammate’s Harvest timeris running so you don’t disturb them during their deep work sessions. You can also take your internal reporting to the next level by transforming timesheet data into visual reports for performance management and evaluation. 

If you run a team that’s constantly switching between different devices to work or require time-tracking in order to log their payables, Harvest is a great integration for Slack. You can get it for free here.

Final Thoughts

In the world of remote work, effective integrations make the difference between an army and a disjointed group of soldiers. 

You can have the strongest and most skilled fighters with you, but without support from the general command, advancement will be slow or nonexistent. When each unit has everything it needs to fulfill its duties, the force as a whole is unstoppable.

What, in your opinion, are the best Slack integrations? Are we missing any from our list? Let us know in the comment section below, and as always, thank you for reading! 

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