Best Unlimited Online Backup Service 2016

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Unlimited online backup – how cool does that sound? But is it really true? Will you be able to backup and infinite amount of files never worrying again if you data is safe from hard drive failure and data loss? 

Yes, there are services that offer that kind of a luxury. Others, well, don’t. Many services try to lur you into their program with the word “unlimited” only to later impose ridiculous caps on either your bandwidth, file size or max. storage. 

Our award is given to only the best service in this field. We keep a constant eye on the market and every change is incorporated right away. Go ahead and check out the “Best Unlimited Online Backup Services of 2016“. If your looking for the best cloud storage service you may click here.

Justcloud Review

Bad billing practices, too many upsells. Stay away.

JustCloud is certainly one of the most affordable unlimited online backup services. If you’re looking to back up a lot of data you can rely on JustCloud as one of the top available services today. 

Starts from
$ 8.69 per month
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Carbonite Review

The best online backup solution for home users

Carbonite offers unlimited online backup, yet it is not as unlimited as it seems. They put a severe bandwidth cap on your uploads that will slow down your backup considerably. However, Carbonite is a solid enough service for every day use. 

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
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Backblaze Review

Simple, no-frills unlimited online backup. Period.

Backblaze has been one of the most consistent unlimited online backup services in the last couple of years. They offer true, hassle-free online data backup without limitations.

Starts from
$ 5.00 per month
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