Best File Sync Service 2016

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When Dropbox launched its file synchronisation service back in 2007 they changed the way we look and use our data completely. But a lot has changed since then, the demand gave rise to other competitors that also want a piece of the cake. That’s why we compare and award the best file syncing services in our awards. 

Just have a look at our list of services and pick the one that suits your needs best. We currently recommend SugarSync because it is more versatile than Dropbox. 

SugarSync Review

A decent experience marred by avoidable issues

SugarSync thinks “out of the box”. You don’t have to store all your files in one folder, any folder can be synced across all your machines. Great mobile integration makes this provider our winner of 2012. 

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SpiderOak ONE Review

Probably the most secure provider out there

SpiderOak is a great service if you’re looking for backup and sync in one service. Also, they won our security award because of their zero-knowledge privacy. With 10$ per hundred gigabyte they are more on the pricey side, though. 

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Dropbox Review

The grandaddy of cloud storage may be falling behind

Dropbox is one of the most renown providers in the syncing field and rightfully so. There service is so reliable and their abundant third party integration is very useful if you want to sync your photos, passwords or documents. Yet their security is the weakest of our tested services. 

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