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Arvixe Web Hosting Review

Arvixe Web Hosting

Every business and consumer looks out for a web-hosting product that can offer rich features with a pool of large options to choose from and that’s also competitive in price. We have dozens of web hosting reviews on so you can find the one that fits your needs best. Arvixe is one of these web-hosting products and comes with a wide range of affordable web-hosting plans, including business and reseller plans, VPS and dedicated servers, based on both Linux and Windows platforms.

It offers decent uptime, and unlimited databases, mailboxes, disk space, bandwidth and helps to create multiple domains on a single server. Arvixe plans start from as low as $7 per month or $4 per month, with a two-year commitment sporting zero setup fees.

The company was founded in 2003 in San Luis Obispo, CA and has been hosting several personal, SMEs and large enterprise websites globally. It has been awarded several times for being one of the fastest growing hosting companies by industry authorities like Inc. Magazine and HostReview.

Setup & Usability

90% – Excellent

Arvixe web hosting can be bought directly from their website.

All that’s needed to be done is selecting the preferred plan, entering the mandatory billing information and making the payment. Arvixe has an Automatic Setup feature that gets the virtual hosting setup created automatically once all the billing information is confirmed. For a dedicated server plan, it is dependent on the kind of settings chosen.

Arvixe offers a website-builder tool named RVSiteBuilder, included in all its packages that helps to create websites instantly. It requires the site’s name, an optional slogan, and other mandatory information for the About Us and Contact sections to get the site up and running.

Setting Up an Arvixe-Hosted WordPress Blog

Setting up a WordPress blog with Arvixe hosting is pretty easy. It offers a WordPress hosting plan dedicated to all the bloggers who want to get started with their blogs without worrying about the setup’s complexity.

WordPress can be easily installed from within WebsitePanel without manual uploading of files. An existing database can be used in this case, or a new one can be created at the time of installation.


There is a bit of a learning curve involved when using Arvixe. The integrated control panel for its Linux Hosting is cPanel, which is used for site management. It may look complicated if someone doesn’t have previous experience with web hosting using cPanel.

However, a little time and research can help users navigate its interface and access various features easily. The left sidebar of the control panel is collapsible, hiding all the information provided, which makes navigation easy.

Arvixe uses WebsitePanel as the control panel for its ASP.NET web hosting. It’s user-friendly and helps you manage all websites, including:

  • Files
  • Domains
  • Schedule tasks
  • Emails
  • FTP accounts

Adding a domain on Arvixe is pretty simple. There is an Add-on Domain option available under Domain in cPanel. All you need to do is enter the new desired domain name along with the password and click on Add Domain; that’s it.

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Plans & Pricing

83% – Good
PlanPersonalClassPersonalClass ProPersonalClass (Linux)PersonalClass Pro (Linux)BUSINESSCLASSBUSINESSCLASS PROBUSINESSCLASS (Linux)BUSINESSCLASS PRO (Linux)
Price Plan
$ 8 00monthly
$ 96 00yearly
$ 11 00monthly
$ 132 00yearly
$ 7 00monthly
$ 84 00yearly
$ 10 00monthly
$ 120 00yearly
$ 30 00monthly
$ 360 00yearly
$ 43 00monthly
$ 516 00yearly
$ 25 00monthly
$ 299 00yearly
$ 38 00monthly
$ 456 00yearly
Disk Space Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Bandwidth Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited GB
Domains 6 Unlimited 6 Unlimited 6 Unlimited 6 Unlimited
Free Domain


92% – Excellent
Arvixe Hosting Review - Features

Arvixe has several useful features that makes it a leader in the web-hosting industry. Arvixe’s Softaculous library comes with over 140 PHP and MySQL applications in the areas of:

  • Blogs
  • Portals/CMS
  • customer support
  • Discussion boards
  • e-Commerce
  • FAQ
  • Hosting Billing
  • Image Galleries
  • Mailing Lists
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Site Builders
  • Wikis
  • Real Estate
  • Video sharing scripts
  • Social networking

A dedicated IP address, which is generally required for e-commerce and SSL certification purposes, is one add-on available under Personal, Reseller and VPS class plans.

There are several other add-ons like MSSQL reporting service (ASP) and coldfusion (ASP) for each domain offered under the ResellerClass plan and Shared or Private Servlet/JSP/Tomcat and an SSL certificate as the add-ons under the Personal Class Plan. Not many hosting service providers offer such script libraries, and this add-on helps to easily create, amend and improve websites without having to code anything.


One of Arvixe’s killer features is its unlimited email account offering, which is available even under the basic plan. The email account can be set up during the web hosting signup process, but unlimited accounts can be created later on as well from the cPanel. Under Personal class, all the mandatory features are available like POP3 & IMAP Mailboxes, Auto responders and Forwarders. Also, it offers three webmail options: Squirrel, Horde and RoundCube.

Arvixe offers Mailman Mailing List facility, which makes communication with large groups over email easy and affordable. It is a free application that allows any member of a list to send one email that simultaneously gets delivered to anyone else on the same emailing list.

Arvixe has specifically focused on its Email Security function by providing features like Box Trapper and Spam Blocker, which protects your inbox by asking the senders to verify themselves before the message gets delivered. However, it’s optional and if a user doesn’t want to use this feature, he or she can disable it from the control panel.

Another one is SpamAssassin, which uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. With SpamAssassin, users have the flexibility of setting up a spam detection level. Like Box Trapper, users can turn off this feature if it’s not required.

Other email security features are Razor, DCC, and Pyzor filters to detect spam better and Spamhaus & SpamCop checks to track Internet spammers and offer real-time anti-spam protection; Domain Keys, an email authentication system designed to verify the email address of the sender; and SPF or Sender Policy Framework, a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.

Site Statistics

Arvixe offers some excellent tools to measure site performance. One of them is AWStats, which generates advanced web server statistics visually. AWStats results can be updated while on the move to get accurate statistics.

Another important one is Analog software, which shows which pages of a site are popular, the source of traffic, broken link details and other important information.

If someone prefers customization, then Arvixe also has Raw Access Logs features available, which allow a user to take control of its own statistics generation. All you have to do is download the website’s raw access logs and then you can use any statistics-generation program to generate customized statistics for a website.

Other features offered under statistics are error and referrer logs, which help you view detailed errors on the site and subdomain stats. All these features are available under the PersonalClass, BusinessClass, ResellerClass and VPSClass plans.

Other Interesting Features Offered Are:

  • Attract an SEO Ready, which helps the website to be SEO ready in minutes
  • SSD Raid 10 Drives, which ensure the fastest load time and higher reliability
  • Cron Jobs, which helps to set up a task for the Arvixe web server to accomplish in the future
  • Cloudflare CDN Ready, which protects and accelerates any website online by optimizing the delivery of web pages automatically. It also limits abusive bots and blocks threats

Uptime, Downtime & Speed

85% – Very Good

Arvixe claims to have a 99.9% site uptime guarantee or else they offer refunds. However, uptime statistics are guaranteed for the server and not applicable for any specific website as sites experiencing downtime could be due to errors in coding, DNS propagation and more.

According to Arvixe, all their data centers have fully redundant datacenter power, helping them to overcome any kind of power outage issue and consequent downtime. Some of the other reasons they are able to offer 99.9% uptime include having a UPS, or uninterrupted power supply, in place, screaming-fast network and tier 1 bandwidth providers like AT&T and Time Warner Telecom.

However, they have a good number of negative feedbacks regarding downtime. According to most Arvixe users, they usually have downtime every month and sometimes it gets stretched up to 3-5 days in a month, which could be a serious concern.


Arvixe uses first-class technologies like Intel Xeon E5620 processors and Cisco or Brocade routers that help to provide better performance to its users. It chose one of the world’s top data centers Softlayer to market its service, and as a result, help them to ensure 99.9% uptime and better speed.


95% – Excellent

Security is a major concern and Arvixe has a couple of interesting features offered under all of its plans.

Arvixe’s data centers are all SAS 70 Type II compliant. All of Arvixe’s packages come with a large number of security features like anti-DDS tools, nightly security updates, firewalls, brute force detection, two-factor authentication system and more. It also offers free SSL certificate for life under Business, Reseller and VPSClass plans.

It has 6Scan enabled for website security to keep the sites protected by enabling daily web scans, malware check and fixing, blacklist monitoring and more. Arvixe also offers a password-protected directory option under management, which allows the user to privatize directories or folders within an account.

This feature is useful if the objective is to keep the access of sensitive date restricted.

When it comes to Backup, Arvixe offers a Daily R1Soft Backup system, which automatically backs up the data daily. This is available under all plans. However, it doesn’t offer free restores of an account if the space usage is more than 10GB.  If any account has more than 20GB usage, the backup may not be available.

Customer Support

83% – Good

Arvixe’s technical support team is in India and the Middle East, which provides 24/7availability on the phone. There is also live-chat through which one can leave comments and queries. There are self-serve resources available on the website for user knowledge. A ticketing service via email is also made available on the website.

However, there have been a couple of complaints regarding their delay in response time, which may vary depending on the time of the call. During peak hours, it may take a good amount of time as compared to slower times of the day.

The Bottom Line

Arvixe Review - Our Bottom Line

According to our Arvixe review, it is a good product and without many negatives. The service’s unlimited email account offering, free domain for life, free website transfer and free dedicated IP make them stand out from the crowd and take up one of the leading spots in our web hosting comparison.

Also, Arvixe’s 60-day money-back guarantee proves how confident they are about their 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their large number of security features show how concerned Arvixe is about offering a good secure hosting solution.

However, not offering backup for more than 10GB usage and paid upgrades to host more than six accounts on a single account are a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, their combination of tools, features and pricing takes them ahead of competitors like 1&1 and GoDaddy.

Arvixe Review

Secure to Use Web Hosting.

A secure and easy-to-use service promise has always been Arvixe's selling point, today, in our review and breakdown of the web hosting company's services, we find out if this fact is true or not.
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