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Arvixe is a secure and affordable service with some UI and other usability issues.

By Jacob RoachDeputy Editor
— Last Updated: 26 Mar'18
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Very Good
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Arvixe has 15 years of web-hosting experience and supports thousands of sites with five different price plans. While the seniority is impressive, Arvixe is a bit behind the curve with an outdated design and a confusing sign-up process.

However, integration with cPanel and an impressive (and true) 99.9 percent uptime guarantee make this web-hosting company one of the more reliable ones out there, with a price to match. Read on to see how Arvixe compares to our best web hosting providers.

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Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel integration
  • Constant response time with increased traffic
  • 45 day money-back guarantee
  • Firewall and DDoS protection
  • Adobe Dreamweaver compatible
  • Inexpensive dedicated hosting


  • Slow server response time
  • Expensive VPS and reseller plans
  • Confusing sign-up process


100% - Excellent

Arvixe has a confusing pricing scheme that you can read more about below. However, the rates make sense in light of what it offers. Arvixe’s plans are packed with features for both running your website and making sure everything’s secure.

On top of that, Arvixe has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. While most hosting companies advertise something similar, very few guarantee anything at all. In most cases, the claim is a simple marketing tool. However, Arvixe will refund your account for any month your website does not meet this threshold.

If you want to try out the service, you’ll also have a 45-day window to cancel with a full refund. That’s 15 days more than other services we’ve written about, like in our Bluehost review and A2 review. The guarantee falls short of InMotion’s 90-day window, however, as you can read in our InMotion review.

Included with every plan is $100 in credits for both Google and Bing ads. While some hosts offer credits for one or the other, very few offer both. $100 will not get you very far with search engine ads, but it’s a good start.

With each plan, you also have the option of being hosted on either a Linux or Windows Server. The Windows variant is more expensive in every case, but it’s nice to have the option. While this choice won’t impact you much on shared plans, VPS and dedicated users may want to choose the OS they’re most comfortable with.

All plans  are completely compatible with Adobe Dreamweaver, too. Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows you easily build web pages without opening a browser. If you aren’t using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to build your website, Dreamweaver is a handy tool to have.

Of course, each plan at Arvixe has it’s own set of features, so you should check those out for yourself. However, those mentioned are included with all plans and provide a good overview of what the company offers. While the price is a bit high, the tradeoff is worth it.


85% - Very Good

Plan:Price per month
Personal Class:$7
Business Class:$25
Reseller Class:$23
VPS Class:$43
Dedicated Class:$131.70

The cost of hosting with Arvixe isn’t terrible, especially on the cheapest and most expensive ends. Personal and dedicated hosting provide the most value relative to the competition, while business and VPS plans are priced slightly higher.

Personal class, or shared hosting, is the most inexpensive plan. The $7 per month advertised rate is for two years or more of hosting, which shouldn’t be surprising given the deceptive pricing schemes of almost all other hosting companies. $10 is the price for month-to-month payment, the same as the GreenGeeks analog plan (read more about this service’s pricing in our GreenGeeks review).

Business class is significantly more expensive at $25 for a two-year commitment, or $33 month-to-month. There isn’t much to compare this plan to, but the price hike seems a little too steep. I would’ve expected this plan to sit at or below $20 per month, especially when compared to the top-tier business plan at InMotion, which is only $15.99.

The reseller class plan is likewise overpriced. A similar plan as detailed in our HostGator review will save you a few dollars, while an even better plan at BlueHost is $10 less per month. Arvixe includes some extra features like Google and Bing ad credits, but the cost isn’t justified compared to other options on the market.

You may want to look elsewhere for VPS plans, as well. The $43 two-year rate is well above what’s expected. A plan with A2 will only run $32.99 per month, with more RAM and disk space.

Thankfully, dedicated prices show some real value. While plans are more expensive than options like the one in our 1&1 review, the server configurations tell the story as to why. All servers are fit with Intel Xeon processors and plenty of memory.  Arvixe also offers variants of the servers with both solid state and hard-disk drives, both setup in RAID-1.

Server Types

90% - Excellent

Arvixe offers a standard range of servers to choose from. While it has a few different names for the plans, the servers break down like this: shared, VPS and dedicated.

Shared servers are separated into three different plans: personal, business and reseller class. Personal plans are shared servers with a high volume of users. These servers are ideal for setting up a website that doesn’t need the fastest speeds as the server resources will ebb and flow depending on the needs of other customers on the server.

We tested speeds on a personal class server to establish a baseline for all other plans. Tests ran with Pingdom returned an average response time of 648 ms when using three different server locations.

Our test site had little information on it so we could test the speeds of the servers and not that of our code. With more code, you can expect a much higher load times when using the site.

While the results aren’t horrible, one of the tests took over a second to complete. That’s pretty slow when InMotion manages speeds of 1.5 seconds with a fully coded site.

To test the site under a bit of load, we used LoadImpact to generate 50 visitors to simulate some real traffic. Server response was rock solid as the load increased (minus a severe outlier) so servers should be able to handle a good amount of traffic before completely bugging out.

Business class is the exact same thing as personal class, but less users are put on each server. Increased speed is the gain, without needing to move to a dedicated hosting option. While load time will decrease, you probably won’t make it under the one second mark unless you have some serious optimizations on your site.

Arvixe also offers reseller hosting where you can use its servers to sell your own web hosting. Across all three reseller plans, there are options for both Linux and Windows servers.

VPS plans give you a dedicated hosting option without the overhead. A virtual machine is set up on a shared server, but instead of dynamic resource usage, you get dedicated (unshared) resources. You have set limits on disk space and memory, but at the gain of faster speeds.

The best server speeds come from a dedicated server plan, where you get a full set of computing resources all to yourself. The specs change depending on which server you use, but all have Intel Xeon processors and storage setup in RAID-1.

Arvixe has a good range of hosting options no matter what your budget is. Speeds aren’t the best, but they’re far from unacceptable. The winners of the lot are dedicated servers, built for speed and reliability and not just a low price tag.

Ease of Use

60% - Fair

As we’ll talk about more in the support section below, navigating can be a bit tricky. Issues don’t start immediately, though. The home page of the website clearly shows all forms of hosting offered, so you can find what you need easily.

Once you find the plan you want, things get a bit more difficult. All of the important details are included, but are hard to find. Tables filled with tiny text fill up the page, making the most important information difficult to find within the mess. Arvixe should put the most relevant information upfront, and bury the techie stuff below.

After signing up, you can log into the control panel. I would expect cPanel login to be put in place of prominence on landing page, but it isn’t. You have to click on the domain you want and scroll all the way down to the bottom to find it.

Inside cPanel, the experience improves. Instead of using some sort of custom interface, you get the classic cPanel look which organizes everything into collapsible categories. Here is where you’ll find everything you need to run your site, from advertising to statistics to software updates.

Included with cPanel is the Softaculous Apps Installer. This is like an app store for your website, giving you quick access to anything you may want to install. You can find CMS options like WordPress and Joomla, plus apps for forums, wikis and more.

Choosing a plan can be a hassle at Arvixe. While the experience isn’t broken, the system could definitely use some retooling. However, cPanel makes managing your website a breeze, and the Softaculous installer opens up a world of possibilities for your site.


100% - Excellent

Arvixe has a long list of available security features for all plans. It’s nice to see these included for free without having pay extra.

Starting off the list is brute force detection and DDoS attack response. Arvixe will monitor your site for large, unexplained spikes of traffic to determine whether you’re under attack or not. If you are, it will migrate the traffic to other servers so your site doesn’t crash.

Outside of brute force attacks, Arvixe also implements a firewall to protect against malware. This will catch any viruses that may infect your site as well as issues like comment spam. It’s nice to see a firewall with all plans, as this feature is generally a paid one.

A lot can be said as far as reliability, too. Arvixe employs 15,000 RPM hard drives, which is about twice as fast as what you’ll find in your computer. These drives are set in RAID-10, which copies the information from one drive to another to maintain a backup.

Rounding everything out, you’ll have secured channels for logging in and out of your site, constant network monitoring and nightly security updates. While Arvixe misses in a few areas, security isn’t one of them, and the features here explain much of the cost of service.


80% - Good

Arvixe offers two forms of contact for support: live chat and email. Outside of that, the blog and support center provide articles for setting up your website, navigating the control panel and more.

Live chat is the simplest way to get a hold of Arvixe. A button clearly labeled at the top of each page will open the window, whether you are logged in or not. While most hosting companies have live chat labeled on the home page, it will automatically redirect you to the sales department.

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Arvixe. The link at the top of the home page takes you to the general live chat page, a small but important distinction for getting support quickly.

To open a ticket via email you will, unsurprisingly, need to log into your account. However, finding support within your control panel is still just as simple. A sidebar within will give quick links to submit a ticket, view past tickets, access the knowledge base and view network status.

While ticketing can only be accessed from your control panel, everything else is available through the home page of the website, including the knowledge base and network status. Unfortunately, things begin to fall apart here.

The knowledge base is full of articles, but is a hassle to navigate. The monochromatic color scheme makes the page difficult to scan and most posts have such specific titles that search function becomes useless.

The articles themselves are void of screenshots, short and have little information within them. There is, for some reason, a rating system on each article, which works against Arvixe. Most articles have a rating of two out of five stars, and with good reason.

Mirroring the jumbled look of the knowledgebase is the network status page. This page displays all outages, scheduled reboots, etc., in one spot. However, records are kept, on the same page, all the way back to March as of the time of writing.

While it’s nice to be able to access the network status from the homepage, this layout makes finding what you need confusing. Like with the knowledge base, a bit of a redesign would go a long way.

Arvixe’s contact methods are efficient and helpful, with both live chat and email easy to access. However, the lack of phone support and confusing navigation of the knowledgebase blemish this area.

The Verdict

While buried beneath some outdated design, Arvixe still provides a great service at a fair price. The cost may seem a bit high, but it’s mostly justified by a strong feature set and security measures.

Server response time isn’t the fastest, but it is consistent. Combine that with a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee, and Arvixe is a reliable web hosting provider that comes in slightly more expensive than the competition.

What do you think of Arvixe? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.

Arvixe Review

Secure, affordable hosting

Arvixe is a secure and affordable service with some UI and other usability issues.
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