Isaac Marks

Isaac Marks

Copy Editor

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  • Location Boulder, Colorado
  • Joined in November 2022

Snap Shot

Isaac Marks is a copy editor for Cloudwards. He checks the spelling, grammar and punctuation of articles prior to publishing. 

Background & Education

Chicago native Isaac Marks has had an interest in various types of technology from a young age, including computers, home servers, cloud technology, and audio technology. He has a working background in sound design and audio engineering and later branched out into editing and copywriting.  

In the writing world, Isaac has worked for several content creation agencies in addition to being a freelance copywriter and editor. He has written and edited articles in a multitude of niches, including technology, financial technology, audio, coffee, fashion and skincare. He also enjoys writing fiction and playing piano in his free time. 

Isaac’s role at Cloudwards involves helping to prepare articles for final edits and publication by ensuring that spelling, grammar, punctuation and written tone is up to scratch.

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