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by Mauricio Prinzlau • published: 2012/11/05 • updated: 2015/06/08

What is the best online backup for Windows 8?

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Windows 8 is out and Microsoft is under pressure to deliver a top-notch OS to compete with its rival, Apple, that consumers love because of its ease-of-use and which is known to be less prone of errors and viruses. But what about backing up your files with Windows 8?

In this article, we don’t want to talk about the built-in local backup features (we did that in another article) but rather about online backup solutions for the new Windows 8 operating system. Unfortunately, there is no automatic online backup solution coming with Windows 8 and File History – yet. We would have been very curious to see a nice integration with SkyDrive (Editor Rating: 35, 23.88 $/year) which could be the next logical step. 

As sources indicate, Windows is working on an online backup system with Azure and is giving away test accounts to resellers. But it’s still open as to how this service will integrate or how much it will cost. Even if Microsoft integrates online backup into their system, you should not rely on one single backup resource, especially if its based on Azure that experienced severe outages earlier this year

It is good to know that there are lot of other online backup services that work very well with Windows 8. 

Livedrive – (Editor Rating: 40, Unlimited GB for 48 $/year)

Livedrive for Windows Metro
Livedrive was one of the first services that announced support for Windows 8 and they stayed true to their promise. A couple of days ago, they released their Windows 8 supported client and also came up with one in the new “Metro” design. 

Livedrive is not one of our top performers because of some reliability issues in our testing but they have an interesting offer, combining unlimited online backup with a 2TB syncing folder. If you find yourself constantly running out of space with your Dropbox (Editor Rating: 40, 1000 GB for 99 $/year), then, Livedrive might be the better cheaper option. 

You can sign up for your free 14 day trial right here: 

Backblaze – (Editor Rating: 45, Unlimited GB for 50 $/year)

Backblaze Hompage
“When you do decide to take the Windows 8 plunge, remember Backblaze will be there, diligently backing up your data” – that’s what Backblaze says on their blog. In fact, we like Backblaze because of its ease of use. In comparison to Crashplan (Editor Rating: 45, 10 GB for 32.99 $/year), it is a lot easier for beginners. Offering unlimited online backup, too, makes data backup a breeze. 

But of course, there are downsides as well: Backblaze only stores deleted files for 30 days which is remarkably like other providers but falls short on SOS Online Backup (Editor Rating: 40, Unlimited GB for 59.99 $/year). 

Sign up for your free trial here:

Crashplan – (Editor Rating: 45, 10 GB for 32.99 $/year)

Crashplan Homepage
Crashplan supports all major operating systems, including Solaris, and of course, they support Windows 8 as well. Crashplan’s major advantage over other competitors like Carbonite (Editor Rating: 40, Unlimited GB for 59.99 $/year) is that it is truly unlimited. No caps to find whatsoever. The only question we have is: how long are they going to exist that way? 

While Crashplan works on Windows 8, they have not yet officially announced or released a Metro like app that adapts to the look and feel of the new OS. Rest assured, Crashplan is a solid online backup solution for your files. 

Sign up for a 30 day free trial:

What’s the best?

Obviously, it is hard to tell what is the best online backup solution. It is almost impossible to give a general advice that holds true for everybody who’s reading this article. Any backup situation has to be analyzed individually, however, the above-mentioned services will provide a solid starting point. Our favorite online backup service remains Backblaze (you can read an in-depth review here). You will get a full, unlimited backup for only five dollars per month.

What is your online backup provider of choice and have you tested it on Windows 8? Tell us your experience!

By Mauricio Prinzlau – News Editor in Chief
05 Nov'12 Contact Google+
Growing up in cold and rainy Hamburg, Mauricio Prinzlau had a semi-legitimate excuse for passing his time in front of the computer as a kid. After a degree in Business Communication Management, he joined the team as a managing editor and backup expert, where he's in charge of the reviews section.

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